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My Swing (Sooper8)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ A few months and only played a few 9 holes but spent a long time on driving range & play(ed) other sports with racquet and bat quite well as a younger guy.

My current handicap index or average score is: I have never played 18 holes

My typical ball flight is: a decent height and I am happy with the distance. I feel pretty good at pitching on the range.

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Mis-hits and shots that don't go straight






Hi all.

Here is my rough and ready swing and the interesting thing is that just by seeing this video I have figured a few things out already, but I don't necessarily know how to fix them...

I only bought a cheap set of clubs in November and have only played a few 9 hole games. The rest of the time i have been to the driving range. I haven't had lessons and can't afford them either.

I have played a lot of sport in my youth (cricket and tennis) and only very rarely hit golf balls. I decided aged about 17 that I was never going to be a golfer and never even bothered going again.

I am really enjoying hitting the ball on the range most days and would love to be able to play on the course but for some reason become tense and start over thinking things.

I can hit some nice shots and consider my pitching and putting to be quite good but long shots are a bit erratic.

I just want to hit the ball consistently, confidently and straight. I am not interested in distance really.

My range of mis-shots and poor shots are not all the same - ie some go left, some go right, I scuff the top of the ball. So no real pattern which leads me to believe my swing is inconsistent and i'm finding out what works.

I have read Ben Hogans 5 fundamentals but that's it.


For what it's worth, watching these back - I see an incomplete back swing (or low or the club isnt as far back as I see some people) and it's a bit rushed and I specifically showed this first one as I over balanced and that is common. Sometimes though I don't get forward enough.

Plus watching this back I feel like a baseball slugger and not the graceful, fluid mover I dream of after watching Ben hogan on YouTube!!!


All my tips come from here or on YouTube and I have appreciated the ideas people gave me when i started a 'just one tip for a beginner' thread a few weeks back.


Many thanks in advance for any ideas


EDIT- I also see in the second swing that due to the line of the camera, I can see my head dip down on the down swing/contact point

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Kudos @sooper8 for getting your swing up! Now read this http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing thread so you can get your camera angles correct for analysis. Nobody will be able to help much with the current videos.


In the meantime I'll give you the reader's digest version:


Face-on shots AKA FO or Caddy View: Set the camera up around waist high and far enough back that you can see your whole body and club. Center the camera.


Down the line AKA DTL: lay an alignment stick or spare golf club down along your toeline then get the camera set up so the alignment stick is dead center and square to the view finder. Again, set the camera approximately waist high and make sure you're far enough back that you can see the club at the top of your backswing. A lot of people make the mistake off lining the camera up so the ball and target line are centered, this is incorrect and will skew the look of your alignments at various positions in the swing. The DTL view is very sensitive to camera placement so take the time to get it set-up properly.


Good luck.

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Thanks Earnest, will do.

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Agree with Ernest.  In terms of the swing, pivot (shoulders and hips) is too flat.  Good video for you to watch.


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