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Originally Posted by saevel25 View Post

Short Par 3: 130 or less

Long Par 3: 180+


Short Par 4: 360 or Less

Long Par 4: 440 or more


Short par 5: 450 or less

Long par 5: 550 or more

Ya, that would be very similar to my own views. 


We have 4 Par 4's on our course that measure 

453 yards, the 1st, a nice gentle start to your round :-( into the prevailing wind

435 yards, the 3rd, which is slightly downhill 

430 yards, the 15th, with the prevailing wind normally but a dogleg makes a long approach

415 yards, the 16th, the "shortest" of the longer hole but it most often plays the longest, uphill and into the wind. 


A good drive and 3 wood would just about get you to the green on most days! (And I wouldn't be a short hitter at all) 

I've never had an iron into the 1st or 16th (index 1 & 2) and I think 9 iron and 7 iron were the lowest clubs I have played into the 3rd & 15th respectively. 


Our course plays 6,800 yards, it's too much in my opinion. 

Par 3 average is 179 yards 

Par 4 average is 408 yards

Par 5 average is 495 yards 

Saying that, the length is the main defense of the course. 


It is nice to get out to shorter courses though and get chances to hit a few wedges or high irons into the green for a change. 


I love seeing a good short difficult par 3, it's something that should be fundamental to the game, I think far too many of the newer courses went crazy for packing courses with long par 3's. 

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For par 3's and 4's, I would consider a hole short if I hit a wedge on it. So for par 3's, about 140. For par 4's, drive of 260 + PW of 140 = 400. I would consider it a long hole if I need to hit a long iron. So about 200 for par 3's and about 450 for par 4's. 


As for par 5's, if it's not possible for me to hit the green with a driver and a 3 wood, it's a long hole to me. So somewhere in the 510-520 range. That's pushing it barring a stellar drive. 


The shortest and longest holes I can remember playing were in the neighborhood of:


Par 3: Shortest 85    Longest 245*

Par 4: Shortest 260  Longest 510*

Par 5: Shortest 460* Longest 620


*Coincidentally, all three of these were on the same course. Louisiana high school state tournament my junior year, the 4th or 5th hole was a par 5 that played right at 460, against a pretty strong prevailing wind. There was water all down the right that cut across the fairway twice, dividing the hole into three segments. Your drive could only be about 230, and the carry from the landing area to the green was about 220 - 230 to a peninsula green. I think I hit 4 iron - 7 iron, sand wedge both days. The next hole runs the opposite direction, downwind, and is a 510 yard par 4. It also plays downhill, so I think I played it with a driver - 6 or 7 iron both days. The long par 3 was the 18th, dead into about a 30 mph wind with water and bunkers short and OB left and long. I hit 3 wood into a bunker short the first day and driver pin high left the second day. Brutal hole. One guy in my group the first day couldn't even carry the water with a driver. 

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