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Kelvin Miyahira and His Ideas

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Hey all,

Don't post much here but play and work on my golf swing non stop like most of us here.  I have a couple of questions about something I agree but would like more insight on.


Is anyone familiar with Kelvin Miyahira and his ideas about the golf swing?  He really breaks it down super in-depth and uses anatomical terms but he points out differences in golf swings on tour and why he states that to truly have an "elite" swing you have to do what he calls "micro-moves."  If you haven't heard of him or would like to read more this is his blog.  I'm interested to hear what you guys think.




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I just found his articles and they really made sense to me. My swing is what he would call a stall and flip. Too much arm action and to much flip in my release. Have had a really hard time to get my sving on a proper plane.

Last three rounds I've tried to implement his thoughts in my swing. Now when I try to keep the clubface square to the clubpath through the impact zone I'm improving in a big way. Somehow my intuition seems improved, out of nowhere I can work the ball in both directions on purpose.

I will definitely keep trying to implement his thoughts in my swing. How about you, have you tried it since you wrote your post?
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Kelvin has some fresh ideas and it is worth reading his articles. He does more or less cheat by using videos with different camera angles which means the conclusions he draws from the incorrect camera angles are suspect. I wish he would be more consistent with this area of his work. If you read from the beginning he has changed his theories a few times which is fine, mostly from learning more.

For me he is a bit to much get in this position because the greats did it, but no follow up on how to get there. He has designed a few training aids but few of them are capable of working when you hit the ball and they are rarely referenced in the articles.

If you want more details he has the most active disciple anywhere on the internet named Jeff Martin. His site is jeffygolf something or other. He is a bit prickly, so you have been warned.
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I believe that if you understand the movements of the body and how he describes them you will understand how you should move "like the legends." I will say this about it, he sees movement for what it is and doesn't get caught up in a bunch of golf nonsense. When you look at a golf swing like that it is very liberating and you can find the root causes of your swing right off the bat. Before reading the articles ball speed with a 6 iron was 128-131, after working on it for a few months getting lateral bend and lordosis, or what he calls the "spine engine" my ball speed has jumped up 10 mph. After reviewing my swing I can still see where I need work. My release needs work, I'm a roller, and I know exactly what I need to fix in order to change to what he calls a drive/hold release.

I think everyone should take a look at his articles. I know this won't be popular here but the more lateral motion you have the better chance you have to flip it. There is evidence to prove that.
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