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My Swing (peterC)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 1.5 years


My current handicap index or average score is: +15


My typical ball flight is: draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: thin shot / shank


I realized i tend to sway towards the ball during my takeaway, to counter balance this movement i tend to "standup" to maintain my balance, but this is causing my inconsistency, any comments will be greatly appreciated.




i couldn't upload my video thru youtube, i tried the insert video tab but it always stuck. so i have included a link below, mean while i will try fixing this problem, thanks again.




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It is a nice swing and there is much there to work with.  The length of the turn in the swing is actually too short it appears.  The posture is pretty good.  I would flare the feet out a bit so you can get that right hip deeper in the back swing and continue the turn a bit.  Once you do this your swing will probably be too long but that is because of how you are not setting the club in loaded position at the top.  I struggle with both of these things.  For now though, I think you need to make a turn with that right hip getting deeper instead of coming towards the ball.  I am wondering if you have tried a wall drill with your troubles moving into the ball?  Set up so your backside is just about touching the wall(no club in hand) and then make a slow back swing and make sure your right side deepens and touches the wall.  I hope that this helps.

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Thanks cipher!, right now i'm trying to turn my hip deeper and by turning deeper it does make my swing felt longer, can u explain more about the loaded position at the top?


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That's a good looking swing!


One thing to work on is the rotation of your lower body. If you look at your body position when you make contact with the ball, your hips are almost square to the ball. What you want to aim for is having your hips rotated more so that they are almost facing your target when you impact the ball.


A golf swing is basically coiling and then uncoiling your body. The power doesn't necessarily come from swinging harder, it comes from storing energy in your muscles and joints and releasing that energy in a controlled way. So, by rotating your hips more, you're storing and releasing more energy.


This definitely takes practice as you need to build your flexibility in order to rotate further.

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Here is a link for you.  


This is on the hip stuff going back(and I would not worry too much about the downswing yet - sorry canuck17) I would work on the back swing with the hips first. 




I would not worry much about loading the club just yet either, but essentially it is about getting the wrist and shaft to arm angles in a good spot to transition into the downswing.   

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