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Apex 2006

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Has anyone got an opinion on these Hogans look very similar to 73 model
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The gist of what I read was, that they were not liked, because the felt a little harder compared to the 88 and 99 or 2003 model. Design-wise they look like a copy of copy of a nice piece. Hit the 2003 model today (Apex 50) and it felt sure nice. Nicer than my FTX today...


Over at golfwrx are a few reviews of the 2006 blade.

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I just got a set for 50 quid with DG S300 in them, reason being I couldn't bring my self to drilling out the 99s for the r11 graphite shafts I got. I've read that they are endo forged same as 99s but a Callaway rather than spalding. I did have a set of FTX with apex 4 in them, really didn't suit me they look really nice, maybe slightly too much offset, but I really couldn't get them in air to me theres not enough weight in the bottom. Im planning now to put the a set of fujikura motore r11 shafts in the 06s. I got a apex plus 6 iron with stiff Ben Hogan graphite shaft. ....wow this is a really realty nice iron, I'm not sure if spalding or callaway. What driver do u use?
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What shafts are in the 03s they look very similar to the 99s ?
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I uploaded a picture of the shafts in the other thread.


Oh, there are a couple of nice 03s and 99 on ebay right now. Pitty I am not in the US and would have to shell out another 100+ for tax and shipping.


The 99 shaft has a Spalding on the red shaft band. The guy that sold me the Apex 5 shafted 99 said that it plays more like a stiff. And I think it does. Whereas the Apex 3 ftx iron feels more like a xx-stiff, because the ball flight is very low (and the shaft feels somewhat stiffer).


The 03 with the Apex 3 shaft feels very nice to hit. Contrary to the ftx Apex 3 shaft, it flies way higher. Don´t know why...


Regarding the driver, I toyed buying a Hogan driver, but came to the conclusion that my TaylorMade 2007 r7 425cc w/ regular OEM shaft is a nice one. I tried all the latest models at the range, but I see not much difference. Mine has a low spin rate and a piercing lower flight, which I like. I can hit up on it if needed.

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