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Titleist Travel Cover Enquiries

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I currently have a Titleist stand bag and have been bringing it overseas without any travel cover so I am thinking of getting one. I came across these two travel covers from Titelist but I am not sure which one I should get. In your opinions, which one is better?

1. Titleist Club Glove Travel Cover

Patented Club Glove travel cover with Titleist embroidered scriptLarge capacity central zippered compartment to fit golf bag (stand bag through 9.5” cart)Two external gusseted, zippered shoe pocketsOne internal separate zippered, nylon shoe pocketTop 1/3 is foam padded to protect club heads from damageThree wide external web straps and buckles to secure items packed inside the coverDurable high-impact plastic bottom and 1/3 extension up the body of the coverDurable high-impact in-line skate wheelsHandle at top of cover for ease when rolling bagHandle at bottom of cover to assist with transportSecure key locking system on external shoe pocketsSecure small padlock locking system on large central zippered compartmentTour proven and market proven performanceDimensions: 47" x 17" x 12"Weight: 15 lbsLimited Lifetime Warranty


2. Titleist Small Wheeled Travel Cover

Large protective travel cover great for when flying, sturdy design.


Large central zippered compartment with easy fold down entry.

Internal padded straps to secure club heads for travel.

Internal webbing to secure golf bag for travel.

Sheath style internal shoe pockets.

Two internal zippered pockets.

Fully padded, 100% durable woven polyester with vinyl panel around bottom for increased durability.

In-line skate wheels provide excellent manoeuvrability.

Titleist embroidery on body of travel cover.

Weight: 12 lbs
Dimensions: 137cm H x 39cm W x 38cm D

By the way, both of them have wheels attatched.
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Between this two I'd choose option 2 - Titleist Small Wheeled Travel Cover

It's lighter (3 lbs), which could helps a bit to avoid extra charges at airlines and it looks less bulky. Also, it's cheaper (although that's not a main issue when you're looking for good stuff).


I'm choosing a new bag currently and also looking into travel cases as well. Put my eyes onto SKB's travel cases, like this one: http://www.golfsmith.com/product/30033781/skb-deluxe-staff-travel-case


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I'm relatively a noob when it comes to golf and golf travel. I've traveled once w my clubs (but have a trip planned next month, and plan on bringing my clubs w me whenever I travel in the future). Before my trip I was debating on what to buy. Hard cover vs soft cover, cheap vs more expensive etc etc. I bit the bullet and went w a club glove.

I had a coupon code for a free stiff arm also, which helped a tad w the cost. I think I ordered through them directly. My clubs got to and from my destination without a scratch. As many will tell you, this bag will last ten years and has a warranty (don't know the details off the top of my head). If you by cheaper most likely you'll end up replacing your clubs due to damage or the bag due to wear and tear.

I like the club glove since it gives me confidence knowing my clubs will be safe. Just my two cents.

Ps since club glove is such a good product, I could probably put this bag on craigslist and make up the difference between it and a cheaper bag. I think spending more is worth it in this case
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Oh and one last thing, especially for the poster above me...many complain about the bulk w hard cases. On my one and only trip w my clubs, I'm lucky I didn't have a hard case. Back seats were occupied so couldn't throw my clubs in there. Trunk was so small. Luckily my club glove could fold up, clubs go in the trunk, and I pack the bag when I get to the airport.
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I use a Club Glove travel bag and am a huge fan.  Not familiar with the small wheeled travel cover.


My choice would be 100% driven by which one provides the best protection for my clubs.

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Thanks for consideration about bulkiness of hard cases. Haven't seen many though but that's a good point. My LR have a plenty of room in a trunk but can't say the same about cars I've rented while travelling. I will rethink my travel bags strategy.

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