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What do you recommend Erik. I know you have probably used many more grips than most of us and hit more balls than most of us also. Id like to hear what you think is the best combination of durability and feel.

PURE grips.
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Ive bought a couple clubs off of Ebay that had them and I wasnt a fan.  For me, they were too soft.  They almost had a spongy feel.  Not a fan.

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I hated them. felt way to  spongy for me. I am a tour wrap kind of guy.

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Love them but they do wear somewhat fast. I played about 100 rounds in 2013 plus a lot of practicing and I re-gripped my clubs 4 times using the Winn DT. In fact I just re-gripped my driver this morning. But I don't like gloves so perfect for me.

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Hmmm, maybe I'll go with the Lamkin's on my irons then. I had no idea that the Winn's wore out that fast.


My pro shop doesn't carry the pure grips.

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I gripped my set up with these when they first came out... The dri-tac wrap. They were great, I was very happy with them except two things... 1 - they're not that great in wet playing conditions. Some people have said they don't agree, but they felt a little too slippery in those conditions for my taste. 2 - they wore in just under the first season ( I play 27 holes a week, and hit the range once a week). I don't know about the every month comment though ( unless that person is lucky enough to play a great amount of golf ).

This year I'm going to give the Lamkin perma-wrap 3gen a shot. Wrap style, on the softer side that supposedly last for a while. But we'll see
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Update:  So after using the Winn grips for awhile on my driver and 3 wood, I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to replace them with the same grips on my irons, Golf Pride Decades. I get way more feel with the GP grips. With the Winn grips, I feel almost disconnected with my clubs. also going back to standard with 2 wraps.

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Just switched to the Avon Chamois, like that a lot more than the DT. Like the price better for sure, bought 13 grips for $35.

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I switched to the Dri-Tac mids last fall and played them through the winter. They are very comfortable and I was able to play without a glove. I didn't notice any increased wear on them, but I'm a bit OCD so I cleaned them every week. :)


That said, I have switched back to GP Tour Velvet mids and a glove. My scores were suffering and I can't say it was the grips just yet, but after one week back with the GP's my scores are already coming down (two rounds, again, not enough evidence yet).

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