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What other's have said.  Stretching, exercise, rest, ice, anti-inflammation drugs.  If you continue to do what aggravates it, IMO (I'm not a Dr.) it will take longer to heal however.  Shots do help, although as you found out it can be temporary.  Doesn't mean you can' have another one at some point.  Talk to your Dr..


Although it should continue to get better over time, I've had it a couple of times where it has taken over a year to completely heal.  Of course I'm an old fart.  Young guys should heal faster.  :-)

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I'm 54, right handed, and got tennis elbow in my right elbow. Likely got it from hitting lots of balls on very hard turf late in the summer here in Chicago. There was still a few months of golf left in my season so I did not want to take time off. I ended up taking one week off. I can not take anti-inflammatory drugs for other health reasons. 


Started PT multi times a week. Electric stimulation, ice, heat, stretches, exercise -- all based on PT's plan. I played golf through it all. I reducing range work (fewer balls, more teed balls). 


Wore an tennis elbow strap when doing anything that used elbow including golf and mowing the lawn. PT recommended strap over a compression sleeve. That strap allowed me to play without pain or fear of making it worse.


Wore a thumb stabilizer to bed (very sexy). Seemed like an odd thing but PT said sleeping positions can slow recovery and a stable hand helps. 


Got new "graphite" shafts in irons -- Aerotech composite. Great at lessening impact and great anyway. 


Did recommended exercises on my own. Got a Therma-Band Flexbar (red) and it really helps. Could not even use it without pain at first and now it doesn't hurt at all.


Several months later, elbow is almost like new. I'll wear the strap while golfing this Spring because it does no harm to my game and it allows me to feel confident that I'm not going to re-injure the elbow.


My advise based on my experience -- take it seriously, find a PT you trust, and do what the experts say to get better. Don't try this on your own.


Good luck on your road to recovery.


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Thanks, I was told by both MD's I saw not to waste my money on PT but I am going to go on my own.  It only costs me 15 bucks a pop and it's worth a try.


I think some GP MD's are reluctant to refer people to specialists and try to treat things they should not .I have good medical coverage so that's not an issue.  I lost 6 weeks after getting a shot and not wearing a brace or doing exercises before I saw an ortho MD. Lesson learned.

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