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Hi Everyone,


My name is Derek and I have been a highly competitive golfer since a young age which has taken me some pretty awesome places! Like most people on this forum I am just a golf nut and I basically eat, sleep, and breath everything golf.


My passion for golf along with my business sense has brought me down an amazing path and I am going to be launching an alternative product to the current golf GPS watches this summer called TLink. Only difference is it is 4X lighter at only 15grams, can be worn either on your wrist, belt, or bag, displays yardages from your phone, and is going to retail for $99. Very exciting stuff and I am pumped to get some feedback from the forum as we make our way down this crazy road to our product launch!


Not looking to be that annoying guy trying to sell stuff on such an active forum like this so I am really just here out of my love for golf :)


Let'r rip,


Derek Rucki