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womens golf clubs

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I have searched the forum and have found a handful of information but not quite what I was looking for.

My wife would like to start playing the game. She says she is very serious about playing the game but has not started. My question is should I buy her a new set of clubs that are nice for example Callaway or cobra or adams. Or do I buy used clubs and piece a set together. Or do I buy her a cheap Walmart set. I having been thinking about the pros and cons of each but though everyone here might have some experience.
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I would consider looking at used clubs for her, just in case she later decides she's not all that interested in continuing to play. There are lots of options for used clubs as I'm sure you know, Craigslist, Ebay, some pro shops and larger golf stores have pre owned clubs.


I bought most of my clubs used, most off of ebay. You just have to be careful to buy from well established sellers with a high rating. I have got some Great deals doing this.

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If you have a local shop that can handle it, combine lessons with club selection. Also, how tall is your wife? Is she is 5-foot-2 or under, she might do better with petite clubs. These have shafts an inch shorter than normal, and a slightly flatter lie.


In the lessons + club selection, she could try different sets and pick the one she likes best. I would get her something new with a static fitting (check lie angle, shaft length, grip thickness).


Stay from eBay... let her test clubs in person and find what she needs.


About 2006, the OEMs started doing a lot of original research for women's clubs - came up with designs just for women. Adams and Callaway have solid sets for women.


You might check out the 9-piece Callaway Solaire. Driver, 5W, Hybrid, 7i, 9i, PW, SW, putter + Bag.

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Next season will be my wife's sixth playing golf.  She's on her second set of clubs.  It was important to me that she began golfing with decent clubs.  Easy to hit in the air, forgiving.  That said, we went with one of the Adams full-set options.  Comes with bag, putter, full set, pretty much everything.


This is where it gets interesting though:  Her game for the first 3-4 years was limited to literally 4-5 clubs.  Driver (TM Burner purchased later); a 5 hybrid (Cobra, purchased later) 7-iron, SW and putter.  She used to play nearly an entire 18-hole round with those 5 clubs.


At the time, the full set of Adams women's clubs came with driver, 3w, 5w, NO HYBRIDS, 5-SW and a putter. Truly a 'full bag' of clubs for a beginner.  No wonder it took her 3 years to figure out 'what club should I hit!'


Knowing what I know now, getting the right club complement as opposed to the full set is probably the better route for the beginner.  Nothing wrong with buying used, either.  Just make sure the clubs are within a couple years of being new.


Possible choices:  Get a 460cc driver, one hybrid and maybe the 7-SW iron set.  Let her swing a bunch a putters and find one that feels good to her.  I didn't realize how important this was to my wife in terms of MAKING putts!


The reason the set makes sense for my wife is that she hits driver off the tee on any hole longer than 160 yards, which turns out to be MOST of them anywhere we go.  She moves the ball down the fairway consistently with the 5-hybrid.  Inside 100 is when the short irons come into play.  Around the greens it's SW and putter.  Honestly, when we took 5-6 clubs out of her bag, her game significantly improved.


Probably more ways to skin a cat here, but wanted to share my wife's experience.  The best news is that she loves the game.  Makes for fun Sunday's during summer and fall weekends getting to play together.



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Thanks for the input guys. I will bring this information to her as I am allowing her to make the final decision
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