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Reading putts

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I'm intrested to hear about how people read putts.  I'm an apex putter so when I read a putt I end up having to multiply my initial read by around 2.5 to get the correct line.  I would then pick a point on this line around 18 inches past the hole and focus on this point as I putt.  Does anyone else do this or something different?

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That is an interesting theory on multiplying by 2.5. Where did you come up with that? I would like to see the math on that one. Also, I would think that might change significantly depending on the green speed. 


For me, I try to find were the putt is basically vertical (no break). Then I read the tangent line. Basically I read the putt by imagining what the ball will do. I will then trace the line of the putt with my eyes from the hole back to the ball, and ball to the hole getting a tangent line. Basically I find a point on that line about 1-3 inches in front of the ball. It is close enough to the ball to be considered a tangent line. Basically I never say, "Oh putt 12 inches to the right of the hole". From there I will just line up to that spot and putt away. 


Also, I never try to putt to 18 in past the hole. 




Read up on capture speed, and you might start trying to make putts just die in the hole. Basically if you hit a putt 18 in past the hole, you effectively reduced the hole's area by nearly 70%. Basically you take away all the chance the ball has to catch the edge of the hole. 

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I've never been trained to read greens. Not that I'm anti-education but just haven't done it.


I was always good in math classes and had to do basic math and trig a lot on the job but it was more of a necessary evil to me and not something I enjoyed. Maybe that's why I just look at the line and see the slopes and avoid any math. I don't get the direction of break wrong very often but I do miss more putts on the high side than I would like, but very seldom ever miss a putt on the low side.


I'm not sure if the cause of my missing too many putts on the high side is because I can't read the break or if it's just simply that I subconsciously add a little extra because I hate to miss on the low side with a passion.


If I know the correct read I don't miss many makeable putts so green reading is the area in putting where I could use some improvement.

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AimPoint method for the read. Then I pick my starting direction based on the total amount of break.  If it is going to break 20", I aim my putter at a point 20" from the cup.  I don't even think about the apex.  I only visualize the hole break of the putt and what part of the cup the ball will enter.

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Thanks that's an interesting read, and I'll deifnaitely give it a try!  I think all of the info I quoted was from Peltz, including the multiplying your intial read by 2.5.  If I recall he once did a survey at a big amateur event in the U.S. and gave 1000 golfers(I cant remember the exact number), 3 different putts to hit of varying distances and slopes and 85-90% of them under borrowed and missed on the low side of the hole.  He classified these people as apex putters and worked out that when this type of golfer looks at a putt, because their head is down for the first part of the putt, they imagine that the ball has rolled straight for the first 2/3rd's of the putt and only actually started to turn on the apex of the slope towards the hole.  As a pose to reality where the ball starts to turn from the moment it is hit.  Due to this fact he said to multiply the intitial read by 2.5 and I must admit, it does work well for me.

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