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Originally Posted by treebound View Post

The USGA conforming rules at http://www.usga.org/equipment/conformance/Conforming-Club---Ball-Lists/

Just something that I want to do in the remote chance that I might want to enter a tournament where it stipulates conformance. I realize that many older clubs are grandfathered in (to 2024 or something) unless a local board or agency requires conformance, but even so I still want any new clubs I get to be in conformance.


Any that you buy from any major manufacturer from the last 5 years will be conforming for any competition you could possibly want to play in, for much longer than you'll ever own the clubs.


Buy the newest, latest, and greatest if that's what you want.  But unless you're trying to convince your wife to let you buy new instead of used, the "I want to be conforming" argument doesn't hold water.


If it's the wife thing, I absolutely understand!   ;-)

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I'm shopping for new or used, just saying that a lot of the used ones I'm finding are more than 5 years old.
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Treebound go on ebay. I just got a brand new callaway X Hot 3 wood in the plastic for $120.  If you know what shaft flex you need it really shouldn't be that hard to find any club or clubs you want.  

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yep, as soon as the courses start to open up I might expand my search to include ebay, but for now I'm having fun sorting out what I want and what feels good to me, and also watching what pops up on the local craigslist.
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Honestly now might be better than waiting for the courses to open. All of the new models just came out so a lot of people are upgrading before the season starts.
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Upgrade fever hasn't quite hit the area I'm at yet, tomorrow is supposed to be below 0degF again and you could drive a car across most water hazards and not get wet. But warmer weather is coming, or at least that's the rumor. ;)
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I like in Waukesha sir.
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Hi neighbor. I'm using an android phone browser and have no clue where anyone is unless I go to the full site. I'm in Port.
A few things are starting to show up on the Milwaukee craigslist, I just need to sell a few things that I've got posted in order to buffer up my golf budget.
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I upgraded my clubs...all are used except for the driver and putter which were the last years model when I purchased them. My irons I bought from Callawaygolfpreowned.com...they looked brand new, half the set was still in plastic. For example...set of Razr HLs 4-6 hybrid, 7-aw, graphite shafts in very good shape 375 bucks. 

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I didn't know about that site, thanks. I've been eyeing some RAZRs, also some others, just need some time to hit them in-store and figure out which feel best and which I hit better.
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I'll have to watch that site as well, thanks.
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I wouldn't bother about the old stuff, as you have seen it basically worthless. Search on line, plenty of last years or 2012 clubs can be had for $250-300 for a full set of irons (pretty decent offerings from slightly lesser OEMs- Adams, Wilson or Cobra spring to mind and much under rated Nike irons). $100-150 drivers and $50-100 fairways. You can more or less put together a complete new bag for around $500. I doubt club buying has ever been cheaper.


I change my gear a little bit, not often by many standards, I sell most of it on to mates that are looking to get out of really old stuff or if it's tired give it to my caddy (I'm in Africa- they are teenage kids with next to nothing, but a good swing and a love of the game)

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I picked up some Wilson Staff Ci9 irons today after work. So far they seem like they'll do the job for me. I'm going to try and get the clubs out to a range or open field in the next week or so to see how they compare to the Bazooka irons.

I'm happy.
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Next task on the list is to go over the lofts and fill out the bag.
Looks like 23-48 degrees for the irons.
I'll probably keep an eye open for a 3 iron, and I might experiment with a hybrid if I find a deal on one to add to the long end of the bag.

For the short lofted end of things I've got a 56.10 Vokey, the three Mizuno TC29, and a Hogan Special 60 that I really like. I should be good for awhile with some combination of these until I find something else.

Driver and fairway or rescue woods, I don't know yet. This is probably my biggest weakness, long irons are usually fine, but drivers and woods really kill me. I'd rather hit a 1 iron than a driver, but I'll be working on that this year.

Oh well, back to thoughts and plans and day dreaming of fairways not covered in snow.
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(thinking out loud here)

Okay, the Wilson PW is 44* and the GW is shown as 48*. I found my old post where I learned the lofts of the of the Mizuno TC29's, P @ 47*, F @ 51*, and S @ 55*.

So with the Vokey 56.10 I can maybe use the TC29 F wedge until I find a better blend of lofts.


I'm going to have to do some research and reading and messing around with wedge options.  Off to research....

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I'd recommend a 19-20 degree hybrid and perhaps a higher lofted fairway like a 4 wood. Wedges are entirely personal depending on your gaps and how you like to hit them, I have a 48˚ PW with a 54 and 60 rounding it out. That said, going 51/55/59 or something should provide you with more full shot distances.

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Interesting, thanks, so...
The main eight irons + a driver + putter + 19*/20* hybrid + 4ish wood + three wedges of 51/52* & 55/56* & 59/60* equals 15 clubs which would allow me to leave a club in the car and sort of tailor the bag to the course.

Some courses I've played are more open so I'd leave out a wedge, and some courses really play toward the short game so dump the driver or hybrid.

I'm going to have to play around with this a bit on the range.
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