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I've been playing for less than a year and score between 90-100.


Mizuno jpx ez hybrids or Mizuno jpx ez fli hi, which are better for a higher handicapper?


What about a set of Callaway X hot (2013)?


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If you're going to spend that kind of money, get a fitting. You want to get the best clubhead and the best shaft combo for you.


The EZ hybrids will have a longer shaft than the EZ FLI-HI, which are designed as iron replacements for the EZ iron models. Different shafts are available.


Stock graphite shaft on the XHot hybrids: R-flex is 65 grams and mid-launch, S-flex is 70 grams and low-launch. (Both are mid-torque).

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I just went through the same thing.  Broke 100 for first time in 2012, got really into it in 2013 and bought new clubs a few months ago.  


I read the reviews and forums and so forth and had some ideas about what to buy, but in the end I think there is only one way to do this:  go someplace where you can try a bunch of clubs with a bunch of shafts and hit, hit, hit.  I though I was going to get the Callaway X Hot or the Taylormades based on reviews but ultimately bought the Mizuno JPX 825.  The launch monitor results didn't lie.  Who cares what brand they are or what the reviews say if you hit them better than the others, then those are the ones to buy.  


As plenty of people on this forum with way way more experience than me can attest, it's pretty wild how much the shaft matters.  I think trying different shafts was super key.


I would just pick out 3 or 4 sets based on your target price range and just hit em with different shafts, and buy the ones that you hit the best.


I love the Mizunos by the way.  A pure iron shot with those babies is the best feeling I've ever had in sports and I've played them all.  


Damn, now I want to run out and play!

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