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What Is The Oldest Club In Your Bag?

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I wonder how many golfers in this forum still have older generation clubs that they won't take out of their bag.


For me it is a Ping Eye 2+ BeCu lob wedge that I bought in 1990. I have tried a lot of other makes and models, but this club is still in my bag. (PING stopped making all BeCu clubs after 1998 because of health issues to their workers and environmental concerns.)


I also rotate a few putters in and out of my bag including a B60 (1976) and an Anser2 (1979), but the Ping Eye 2+ BeCu lob wedge never comes out.


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Bullseye putter brass Flange prob. 40 years old,I have a becu ping sand wedge like yours thaat sees some time in bag, I have several modern putters butI just love the feel of the bullseye.
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Hmm... at this point the longest standing club in my bag is my putter; it's been there since April.

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The oldest club in my bag is actually a whole set, 5-PW.   That said, from time to time, I pull a club and throw in one from my grandfather's set as a conversation piece.   It is labeled as a "10" but it is the putter from his set of clubs.  I would throw in the #2 wood but I have it fastened with the driver (both are persimmons with hickory shafts) as a pair on the wall in my "man cave".

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I think my putter, Scotty Newport Beach.  I bought it used.  My irons may be as old too. 

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Irons are about 4 years.  Wedges pretty close to that.  Woods, hybrids and putter all within the last 2 years or so.

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My irons are from 1997. Mizuno t zoid pros
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All new in 2013. Was playing 845s prior to that.
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For me, its a Mizuno brass putter from Japan.  I think that I payed like $20 for it off of Ebay but it feels better than any $300 putter.

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Titleist 910 D2 driver

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In my bag........nothing is older than 2013. At home different story.
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1988 (or so) Taylor Made Tour Cleek.  Nothing else pre-dates 2008.  The tiny head and high loft just seems to work for me getting out of tough lies or hitting to greens where I need some stopping power from 180 yards or so.

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My iron set I believe is circa 2002.

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3-E Hogan Apex Plus Irons --- from the Spalding era, so 1999 or earlier. Not sure how old because I bought them used.


I also have a Hogan C455 5-wood. I think that one is only around 10-12 years old though.

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My backup putter is a Ping Pal, circa 1973 (has new grip!).


My putter from 1968 to 1994 was an Acushnet Bullseye. I still have it in a vintage-era bag of clubs I played in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Sam Snead sand wedge has to be 30 years old

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37 degree Cleveland Niblick which has been in the bag since about 2008. With the exception of my 58 degree vokey (which has been benched in the past for my 60 degree), everything else has been replaced / added in the last 2 years.

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My 50 degree Mizuno MP-14 PW, been in my bag since 2001
Use it as my GW
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