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herman Williams golf,good or not??

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Hi everyone,just wanting to know has,anybody had many dealings with Herman Williams?
do you know if he teaches one or two plane swing,it looks like,a one plane on youtube videos.
he seems to know what he's talking about and also seems like he's got good people's skills.
any info much,appreciated,thanks in advance.a3_biggrin.gif
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Never heard of him.
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His blog and vids about the correct grip are pretty good, I learned a lot from those. His stuff pops up a lot for various golf instruction-related searches, but it might be due to his just having a lot of content.


I'm not close to being well versed enough to comment on his swing type, though :) Plenty of decent golf instruction online (and some not so good), I'm a big fan of Mark Crossfield, Monte Scheinblum, and Martin Chuck's videos in addition to all the great 5SK vids here on TST.

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Hi,i found his lesson on grip very good also,not many teachers on youtube teach the neutral grip.it made alot of sense when you couple it with the flat wrist lesson.
i asked Herman a question via youtube and he got back to me within hours..this is exactly what iam looking for:-D..mark crossfield is ok,but he almost never responds to anyone's questions so i feel your not really interacting with him.i also feel he likes the sound of his own voice a little to much..saying that he's a nice fella with some very good advice..oh his equipment reviews are all the same.
thanks for your reply a3_biggrin.gif
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Hey Guys,


Herman Williams here. Just thought I would chime in on your question. To answer simply, I'm not really a "method" teacher that attempts to put all my players into a single style. I like a lot of the elements of the one-plane swing but find in the real world it's really more about finding a comfortable, repeatable swing plane that works best for each player. It's much safer working with students one-on-one than it is presenting a topic on YouTube, so I try as hard as I can to provide YouTube info that works for a broad range of players or at least set up each video so the target audience understands who it's for. Thanks to all the guys here who follow my work. The views and comments are much appreciated. - Herman

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