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Birdie Box

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Has anyone else signed up for the birdiebox subscription? Wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were. If this makes you want to sign up, please know that there is a profile page you have to complete that will customize the contents of the box to you. Shirt Size, Glove Size, collegiate team etc. Can't wait till March to get mine and looking forward to the Masters version also. the website is www.birdiebox.com




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Interesting concept. Similar programs like Birchbox, Trunk Club, and Barkbox (just to name a few) seem to be growing in popularity, so I'm sure they'll do well. However, at $50 a month, I don't think I'll be subscribing. I'm awfully particular about the golf stuff I use, so I don't think I'll be willing to fork over that much a month on the hopes that I'll like what's inside. 

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