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Anyone play a Par 3 course? My 10-club bag setup.

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I will play a couple of these a year with friends and I use the opportunity to use as many wedges as I can.  The longest hole is usually about 130 which is a solid 9 for me. So the bag goes:


7 (the chipper)



45* PW

47* PW

50* GW

52* GW

55* SW

58* LW

60* LW


Since I own all these already it was pretty easy to hit every 5 yd gap, albeit with an odd assortment of GI/player irons and wedges.  Has anyone else tried this?




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Wow that's a lot of wedges. I play two par 3 courses once in a while but not often. One is just 500 something yards, longest hole is 110. I take a 58 and a putter there. The other is longer at 1100 yds, has 3 holes over 175, one is 204. I carry a stand bag with my old 845s there 6-PW, a beater 56 and putter. On longer holes I'm not concerned with hitting greens from the tee if I don't have a club just there to practice. Most guys just hit 3-5 balls per hole and putt here and there.

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I agree with Dave, that's a lot of wedges.


The Par3 in my area allows me to use a 52 (hole lengths ranged from 89 yards to 125, 1 135 and 1 154). It just takes 2 to get on the longer holes. It's sometimes nice to play a round where you only need to bring a wedge and putter, and it allows you practice chipping.

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I have played a few, but I never add any additional wedges. The last time I played one, the longest hole was 110, so I took my 60* and putter and a few balls in my pocket. 

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When I play a par 3 course, I'm working on my short game, so I bring along my normal club mix.


Since I carry my bag for par 3 layouts, I keep my driver mainly to serve as a balance handle. I'll drop out my 4W, 7W and 4i to save a little weight.

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i have par 3 course in my area i play once in a while, i usually bring my 11 yr old daughter with when i play but i bring all my clubs because the length ranges from 99 to 250 yards and since im not a long ball hitter i still try to drive the green on the longest hole. most of the time im working on something when i play it 

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I play one pretty often.  But like WUTiger I like to think of it as practice.  So I only use the clubs I'd normally have.

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on the slow days at my par 3 course ill drop a few balls and hit different shots just t put the work in 

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Peter Hay at Pebble Beach ranges from 54 yards to 108 yards. I try to play it pretty often - good short game practice. I usually only carry 55*, and 60*, but occasionally will throw in 50*, PW and 7i for some chipping practice. If its slow I will mainly work on pitching and chipping from all over and all around the green, and then throw in some random/unique shot practice for fun. 

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