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Fantasy Golf Picks

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If you want, post your fantasy golf picks here.



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I don't really know how the bench works, but I just did a quick first round swap, got rid of Ryan Palmer and put in Harris English. 

Palmer finished 5 over and Harris is current 4 under and I know he's been very consistent. Not sure why I didn't put him in right away.  

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I had Palmer as well...:cry:  I will stick with him to the cut though.

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Patrick Reed has been so consistent lately, hard not to pick him. Though I heard something like he had displaced ribs recently? Well Stadler is a consistent back up if he doesn't make the cut. I picked Furyk strictly for experience reasons. He almost always makes the cut at Pebble Beach. Curious to how rusty he is. I couldn't believe G-Mac is considered C Level....I mean the guy won the US Open at Pebble haha. Oh well, good for me.....I hope. 


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You're a brave man posting your picks before the event!

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Nice work Joel. I've gone for DJ in Group B.  Lots of similar teams this week I reckon.

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Definitely ^^

and ughhhhh!!! Why do my bench players kick so much ass every round! I should just pick a bench team and then swap them in right before the event starts....confuse the golf gods a little bit. 


Spieth, Mahan, Walker, and Stadler all had good rounds. 


My starting team is collectively -9.... bench is -18

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My bench currently -28. 

My starters currently -11.



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I had DJ on the bench.. missed a few points there.

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Hope I'm not intruding, not sure if this is for a specific league, but I have a question that you guys may be able to help me out with.


My league is set up where every team has 11 players and you start 7 each week.  On my bench is Tim Clark who has been non-existent so far this year and I don't know if I should just drop him for someone else or keep him riding the pine until he shows up.  I know he withdrew due to injury in Hawaii, but I haven't seen any updates since then.  Anyone know what his deal is?  Guy has turned into a ghost!

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TC has been MIA due to soreness in his elbow.

He probably will need several weeks for recovery.

He was playing very well, hope he's doesn't miss many more events.


Club Rat

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I'm going to play along with @Crim and post my starters.


I like several players this week, but do not want to burn their "starts" each and every week.

So this is a maintenance week and I am going with alternative players.



Easy Money   Manager: The_Rat


Northern Trust Open 2/13 - 2/16  A B C My Foursome


C. Howell III 8                                       My Bench D. Johnson 9


Graham DeLaet 10 H. English 8          My Bench Kevin Stadler 10 Webb Simpson 9


Bill Haas 9                                            My Bench Pat Perez 10




Club Rat

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^^ Nice, not bad at all.


Spieth, DeLeat and Walker have been on a role lately, and Walker has stated that this is his favorite tournament. 

I just hope that my bench team doesn't completely own my starters like the last couple weeks. 

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Ughhhh, I didn't get a moment to get on the internet yesterday and switch out Kuchar (cut) for Bubba....and sure enough Bubba had a great round. Unreal....missed out on a bunch of points. OH WELL.
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Pretty easy choices as far as starters go for me. 

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~~ The Honda Classic 2/27 - 3/2


My Foursome - H. Stenson, H. Matsuyama, Rory McIlroy, G. McDowell


My Bench - P. Mickelson, R. Garrigus, G. Fernandez-Casta, C. Schwartzel


Not feelin' the TIG, yet.


Club Rat

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Thank you Rory!!!!!

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Thank goodness I picked Rickie Fowler instead of Phil as my backup. If Tiger doesn't make the cut I can switch to Rickie. 

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