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1st hole in one!!

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Sorry guys,maybe I shouldn't have started a new thread for this, I wasn't sure where to post it. For the last couple weeks the weather around here has been extremely cold, for South Carolina standards anyway, and I played 12 outta 14 days. Promised my wife I would slow down so I left my clubs at home Monday just so I would not even be tempted. Low and behold my boss comes up to me Monday morning and says, if you played in that mess over the weekend, I know you are playing today, its supposed to be 60 degrees this afternoon. I told him  I left my clubs at home just so I would not be tempted. He then said, well go home at lunch and get em' , were teeing off at 2:30.  What's a man to do, at lunch I went home and told my wife ''the boss man said''. The round started O.K. I had a couple errant tee shots and after a bogy on 7 I thought I can par out and shoot 40 on this side. #8 is a 144yd par 3 over water that was playing 134. While we waited on the green to clear, my bosses buddy says '' I've never had a hole in one'' ,( he's only been playing for a year), I said ''well most folks haven't, I've never even seen one''. I pulled gap wedge and flushed it, it was high and going right at the pin, of course I said ''just go in the hole''. There was a little noise and the ball just disappeared, It landed straight in the hole, a slam dunk. I went crazy, not sure why I ran and did a Pete Rose slide across the gold tee box, just felt like the thing to do at the time. The guys in front of us had to think '' somebody just canned one''.  Im not sure how a ball can stay in the hole like that, but Im glad it did. Ended up shooting 39- 41. My wife said exactly what I thought she would, ''that's exactly what you needed to do, to help you cut back on playing golf". Proud to report I have'nt played in 2 days. LOL it's been snowing.                                                                                                                                                                            

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Nice boss
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Congrats. :beer:

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1st hole in one always deserves a new thread. Congrats!

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40+ years and still waiting... you suck.b2_tongue.gif

congrats... (mumble, grumble, ferfin, gerfrin...)
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Originally Posted by RayG View Post

40+ years and still waiting... you suck.b2_tongue.gif

congrats... (mumble, grumble, ferfin, gerfrin...)

Called my dad to tell him about it. That's pretty much what he said.  

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Congrats, good on ya!

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You now owe everyone on the forum a beer :beer:

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Really nice. Especially the slam dunk part of it. Don't think that happens too often, ever.


Also, does your boss need another employee? :-D

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Congrats! :beer:

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I've been playing for about 12 years and never had one. I've had 3 within 2 inches of going in but never had one. I've also witnessed 3 from people playing in my group. I've also holed out twice from outside 150 yards, but both have been on approach shots.


Crazy story. The third time my wife ever played golf was on a Par 3 course at a resort in Florida. She is not very good, but she bladed an iron shot and hit a worm burner that skidded along the fairway towards this short 80 yard par 3. Wouldn't you know it, the ball slams into the pin and drops! Her 3rd time ever golfing and she holes out for an ace. I went ballistic, and she just got mildly excited. As we were walking up there, I was still mumbling in disbelief and she says "Well that's where I was aiming."

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Congratz...still waiting for mine after 11 years..

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Congrats - A hole in one with your boss. Priceless. :dance:

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Thanks for all the replies. Visited the scene of the crime today and kinda re-lived the moment for a minute. Tee's and pin were in similar locations, hit same club, drew a lil to much, ended up 15' pin high, made par.

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That's awesome man! If the day ever comes for me I will probably yell so loud everyone on the course knows somebody knocked one in haha. I let the people in front and behind me know today when I sunk a 54 footer for birdie!
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