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Originally Posted by Bird E3 View Post

Maybe he can't putt. Some many people spend so much time on their swing, and never practice the short game. Get a 4 ft wide birdie ball putting green, and make 30 4 footers in a row every day and you will break 90 unless 4 footer are gimmes for you.


Not if those 4-footers are for double bogey......

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Originally Posted by David in FL View Post


Not if those 4-footers are for double bogey......

Lol exactly..and thats usually the case w me. When I really take the time to analyze my game there is 2 things that are holding me back from shooting consistent 80s (which is my short term goal) instead of shooting consistent 90s (which I have been doing for the past few years).


#1 - First and foremost, complete mishits. These are the shots (I usually have 3-4 per round) that are not just a little too far left or too far right, the are complete shanks, 70 degree pulls, tops (where a 50 yard shot goes screaming over the green at about 2 feet above the ground) etc. What really throws me off is they are NEVER the same complete mishit. In other words I might hit a nasty shank on the 2nd hole and then a nasty pull on the 4th hole. This leads me to believe that I must be doing so many things wrong in my swing (since I never have the same miss / error). However I also have so many good shots (my personal standards) in a round that it baffles me. 


#2 - Short game. Not so much putting though (not saying my putting is great but its rarely what costs me a relevant amount of strokes in a round). Mostly chipping. I would say 8 times out of 10 if my ball is off the green in a situation where I absolutely can not putt, and I have to chip or pitch, im skulling it over the green. So frustrating. 


I know golfers of all skill levels can get down when they don't play how they want to etc. for a single round or a short slump. But I have been going through this for over 3 years now and I can not explain how frustrating it is. Look, I know there is more important things in life but when im out there playing I would really like to shoot respectable scores. I know it sounds tacky but "I know I can do it" - just feel like I need the proper help to get me on the right path. 


I also understand that a lot of practice time needs to be put in and I love to practice. HOWEVER, I have spent hours and hours and hours practicing and still have not seen results most likely because all the practice in the world is not going to make you improve if you are practicing improper technique etc.

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To the OP, since posting this thread, have you gone to a PGA pro to have your swing analyzed..?  As Martin Hall says, if you keep doing what your doing, you'll keep getting what you get.


Maybe it's time to have a Pro take a look at your swing, like evolvr, or at least post a My swing video. It may be something as simple as posture, or that your moving up, down or side to side during your swing.






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Happened to have my golf swing videod by an instructor this weekend for the first time and holy cow what an eye opener. Granted, it wasn't meant to be a full analysis. I took a trip out to a golf expo being hosted in our area and they were giving free lessons. I happened to get paired up with one of the better known instructors in our area and the 10 minute free lesson turned into a good 30 minute session including a quick video (on his iPad) and discussion of my swing. I'm a very visual person and the areas we discussed needing improvement on just made so much more sense having been able to see my swing for the first time. I was planning on taking lessons this spring anyway and the golf school this particular instructor teaches at has full video analysis capabilities (I'm assuming that means 3D) so, needless to say, I think I know where I'll be going for my lessons this year. After yesterday, I can't imagine not taking advantage of video.
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