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I need a ball that promotes higher ball flight/launch......any help/suggestions?

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I would consideer myself to be a golf ball junkie.  I love reading about different balls, and testing them out to see how well they perform; especially around the green and with half wedge shots.  And I play and practice a lot.  My point is, I believe I know a fair amount about golf balls in general.


That being said, I need some help.  My ball flight, particularly with long irons through driver, tends to be low.  I do hit some shots with a nice high trajectory, but generally I'd say a higher ball flight would benefit me.  I know that the club's shaft has the biggest impact on ball flight characteristics, and I'm also in the process of changing my setup/swing to produce a higher ball flight.


Putting all that aside, I'm having some difficulty finding ball flight data for 6 iron/driver.  I want a (urethane) ball that has not just a high initial launch, but also a high overall flight.  Normally, one might think that the "non - X" version of each manufacturers ball would have more spin, therefore would create more lift (ProV1 vs. ProV1x, B330 vs. B330s, etc.).  However, the ProV's for example, are designed to have opposite characteristics (I believe).  The ProV1x is designed to have a higher peak trajectory than the ProV1.


I couple of my stats: 7hc, 100mph SS, 170 yd 6 iron


Anyone have insights on this, or better yet, flight data for a 6 iron/driver??



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The only way a ball flies higher is with more backspin, not sure if that is what you want. What effects the launch more is the shaft and how you deliver the club into impact. You might want to consider new shafts in your irons if they are too low. 


I have to ask this question, how high do your shots get? If you go to a store that has Trackman, Flightscope, or GC2, then you can get the shot height estimate. If you are anywhere around 28-35 yards in the air then you are just were you should be. 


Most balls wont spin more off the driver, they are pretty much stuck in a 600 RPM range, that isn't going to bother you much. You can get that fluctuation just be mishitting the ball slightly. 


As for off the clubhead, Urethane cover. The only way to get high end spin off a golf ball for wedges and lower irons. I would check out the Hex Chrome or the Nike 20XI. They are on sale now and have pretty good iron spin. 

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I'm okay with more backspin as I'm not a high spin player. My iron shafts are good for me. A good part of my problem was that I was standing a little far from the ball and my swing plane was too flat. I also don't have much wrist cock in my backswing (modeled after Stricker). I am going to replace my hybrids and change the shafts. My current hybrid shafts (and club heads) are not helping my ball flight.

So now that I've moved closer at address and I'm setting my wrists a little more I'm starting the get better trajectory and higher ball flight. I don't, however, know how high my ball launches. I'm working with a PGA instructor on my changes and we're both very happy with my progress. I'm just trying to find a (urethane) ball that's designed to have a higher ball flight (i.e. more backspin) in the long irons and hybrids.

I expect that once I've ingrained my new swing the ball flight shouldn't be too much of an issue, but for now I want to find a ball to help me get long approach shots to fly higher and land softer.

Are you referring to the Chrome+? I've tried the 20xi, and I do like it. I have trouble getting over the stupidity of the name every time I look at it (sorry I know it's shallow).
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Bridgestone e5 is made to launch high.

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E5s rule at around 25$, I've hit many of my best shots with them including long drives. They are great off the long irons even though my SS is way more than they were meant for. B330 RX or RXS could be a good choice for you if you like a premium ball but for the money I fit better into the B330 myself. The RX is more of the ProV1X type while the RXS has more spin, but I'm not sure exactly how they balance out since they're meant for SS under 105mph so they might both launch high. I know the RXS feels awesome though.

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