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Level 2:

I introduced my friend Josh to golf.  I talked him into going out to our Local 9 hole par three course for a "mixer" or best ball tournament and let him use an old set of clubs I had.  I told him not to worry about his shots, but to just have fun.  If he made a putt or two he would contribute fine to the team.  (He was worried about not contributing and helping).  I let him know how best ball works and it doesn't matter how bad he hit the ball as long as one of us on the TEAM hit an okay shot.  There was no "pressure"...    Result:  We went out and placed and won a gift certificate to the pro shop...  He went in and bought some golf balls and a golf glove...  Making progress!!   We've ended up at the range about 3 times and played about 3 other times since... 


The next goal is going to be to get him out for a regular round so he starts to know what he shoots on his own.  He wants me to help him buy a good set and was about to get some used Cleveland BLADES!!!!!!...  Time for some education! - Had to tell him NO!!!!... not your first set lol...

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Got my wife into the sport... i know i know.... "bad move" some people say. 


but with the hours we both keep at work and all the stuff we are doing to the house, it is nice getting out together. Also, I would rather take her golfing that not go golfing at all

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Checking in! My guy has come out for a couple of rounds now and has signed up for a 5 lesson pack. Looks like he may be hooked. a1_smile.gif
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Not that I can claim a ton of credit for it, but a new one that my brother and I took out for the first time a few months ago has been out for a handful of additional rounds. She's a co-worker of my bruv's and I hear she's been playing with a number of the other people he works with.


We were very impressed with the number of solid shots she had on that day. It's good to see that she enjoyed it enough to go on with.

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Originally Posted by MacDutch View Post

I created a couple of new golfers in 2013 and 14. One of them I really helped out by playing a lot, and giving him tips. Also went to the shop and helped him to decide wich clubs to buy. Now I have a new target. Asked him a couple of times, but never a yes. But yesterday bingo! He had been to the drivingrange a couple of times and I invited him to play a business round. He said yes, but wanted to practise with me a 9 holes round first, we did that yesterday. It was a succes, he played a lot better than I did during my first rounds. The business round I managed by pulling some strings. Its on a course I never played and the greenfee normally is around 125 euro.

And he is hooked now a3_biggrin.gif

Takes his clubs with him this weekend. Weekend is supposed to be a cycling weekend.
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Is it too late to get in on this?


Does it count if it was prior to TST membership?  (it's kinda how I ended up here)


Otherwise, I have created two.  

1.) My wife: only because she asked in the only way she knows how ( "Why don't you ever ask me to go play golf with you?" gripe)


2.) High School friend who really wanted to learn how to play but felt like he was "too old" to start playing.  After convincing him that you are never too old to pick up golf, we took care of the complaint about not hanging out as often.

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