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A Hacker's Path to Tour

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My mistake, I thought i was logged onto a different forum. My apologies.

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Great. Welcome to The Sand Trap.


Let's get to know you a bit before you just send people OFF this site to your site. Thank you.

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I would like to give you some background about myself.

My name is Werner Guldenpfennig and I live in South Africa.

I started playing golf at the age of 12, I played for the following 4 years and reduced my index to 4. I then regretfully stopped playing for academic purposes. I started playing again 2 years ago, after a comment the director of golf from my unoiversity made to me on the driving range.

In the 2 years since I re-started I have gone down to a 2 handicap, this was all due to having a fantastic coach and getting fitted for equipment for the first time in my life.

I am now looking at improving my game, by analyzing my weaknesses and addressing them.

I would like to invite you to follow this thread, comment and ask questions as I set out to see if I can improve my game to a level fit for the tour.

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I have been tracking my stats to find out where I have lost my game. Recently I have been struggling with higher scores than what I am capable of, and I set out to analyze my statistics to pin point these weaknesses. I am going through a swing change, so I believe the bad ball striking is partially due to this  change.

Current Statistics February 2014:


  • GIR = 8/18
  • FIR = 10/14
  • PPR = 31.6
  • AVG Score = 76.3
I now realised that my GIR statistic is very bad, I need to get these numbers up to improve on my scoring. I feel that my driving accuracy is good and that my putting is slightly higher than where it should be.

The plan of action is as follows:
  • Determine why I miss so many greens in regulation, and where I miss them.
  • Incorporate the punisher putting drill and chalk line drills.
Goals for February 2014
  • Increase GIR by 3 to a total of 11/18 GIR
  • Increase Fairways in regulation to 11/14
  • Reduce Putts Per Round to 30-31
  • Reduce AVG score to 74
I believe that these goals are attainable if I work hard at ironing out the flaws I currently have.

I will record the punisher putting drill, to give you an idea of what it is. This drill will seriously improve your putting.
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This Is my current swing. Sorry for the angle, next time the video will be orientated vertically.

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Welcome to the site @renrew .  We have another resident member from South Africa, @Stretch .  We have several golf teaching professionals on this site including the owner @iacas and @mvmac who are very helpful.  They have provided a lot of helpful advice for the members to improve our games.  We also have a section called Member Swings, where forum members usually post their swings for comment.  Most of us are trying to get better and have fun playing.

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