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Masters......close 2nd would be the Open.  Any day you can wake up watching major championship golf is good in my books.

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My fav has to be the US Open, but I also enjoy watching The Phoenix Open.  Love the British and the masters but hate how ESPN has destroyed the broadcasts.

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Interesting to see how many of you frame your enjoyment through the plethora of commercials. Despite all its faults, this is one problem we don't have on the BBC. You pay a flat rate license fee and in return we dont get a single commercial (albeit they aren't averse to plugging their own products discreetly). I'd have thought you'd be able to get some BBC streaming though in the US if you could cope with 10 hours of uninterupted golf?


I seem to think our coverage of the Masters though is dependent on taking American pictures so we have to endure constantly being shuffled back to the studio but at least the television remains golf focused even if its got a couple pundits having to fill whilst the 'messages from your local station' play out

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Major: the Masters. Every year, no matter what's going on in my life, I've carved out several days' worth and sit and watched it. Augusta's even the reason I own a video game system (TW12).

Non-major, probably the L.A. Open, but that might be only because I've gone to it every year since '08 (except 2012, when I wasn't anywhere near the area). I mean, it's a great tournament and all. Second would be the one at TPC Scottsdale. I hope to make it out there some year.
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I forgot to add the Ryder Cup to my list.

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All 4 Majors....the best major is the one being played at any given point in time!!   Sawgrass......the Memorial, Bay hill. Firestone, Doral...etc, etc.....the events with all the big guns in the field are the ones I pay the most attention to. 

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As far as the majors is concerned, the PGA is so loaded with commercials, promotions and cross promotions, especially when fewer and fewer players are left on the course. Overall, the telecast feels just like a minuscule notch above a regular event with that awful syntho-pop music. Too much time on the eventual winner's wife too. Feels like it's semi produced by TMZ.

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By far and away the Open Championship (British). 

I love watching the stacked field go up against links courses. I also like waking up early for some great golf.


So excited for Royal Liverpool.  


Non-major? There is nothing better than the Ryder Cup in my opinion. Can't wait for it to come to Minnesota in 2016!!!!

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