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wondering in Wisconsin

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Hi.. I'm brand new to this forum... I've always read the threads and have taken so much from them and applied them towards my game. Obviously I've sorted out the contradictory advice and
I feel my game is on the right path. Anyways, my main question is does anyone think u can be a good golfer(low capper or better) without actually having complete knowedge of the game like knowing your spin rate, club head speed, the differences in types of balls used, and so forth. Basically all the the specifics of the game that recreational golfers usually don't get into.
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I ask cause the guys and gals on this forum seem to be so knowledgeable in the game of golf and me, not so much. I've referred to the golf glossary or dictionary to decipher a lot of the commentary. I began the game a couple of years ago and like many others became immediately addicted. Like sickly addicted. ..lol.. but I have no desire in learning every angle of the game. I shoot in the low 90's average on my home course(will start recording a handicap this year) but I have shot low 80's and high 90's to low 100's in the same week. I just wonder if I were a bit more educated on the game, would I be a more consistent player?
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People got good at the game Before all the technical stuff came along, so yeah you can get good. 



BTW, welcome to the site..

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Welcome @99prblms, glad to have you here.  Stick around and much of the "technical stuff" will start to soak in.  I do not get into the technical side much at all myself.  I just try to keep my thoughts and swing priorities very simple.  If you don't know something in a conversation that is going on here, just ask.  People here love to help others out who want to learn and are open to it.   The best thing you can do to become a more consistent player is to find an instructor that can explain things clearly.  Start a swing thread here as well if you can and we would love to help you out a little bit.  

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Originally Posted by Golfingdad View Post


Yep! Some people enjoy the technical aspect, but some (of us) really don't care.

Welcome to the site! c2_beer.gif
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Thanks a lot guys.. I've actually taken a few lessons from 2 separate teachers. One of them seemed more interested in getting me to get my clubs fitted, which I know is extremely important but I'd also like a breakdown of my swing to know where I'm at.
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Welcome to the forums.


A good golfer can do better with bad clubs than a bad golfer can do with good clubs.


I'm guessing the local courses will be ready to play sometime between February 20th and May 15th, more or less. ;)


You only need to know enough to enjoy the game, everything else can be learned as the need arises or as your goals get developed.

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@99prblms and @treebound join our Wisconsin members group as well if you will.


@sigfan2340 is our group leader.


Hopefully we can get a WI TST outing together this year.



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My golfing buddy is a low single-digit and he thinks R-flex shafts make you slice.


Also representing WI here.

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