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Daughter Looking For New Clubs

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My daughter has played for 3 months and shots in the mid 90's, thats counts her 45 putts per round since she hasn;t learned to read greens yet. Anyways she will be playing at a small college starting next year and would like some new clubs. We went to Dick's last weekend and all they had was a Rocketballz ladies set and a Speedblade mens set. She didn't like the weight with the mens club, but did not have any problems hitting the ball with either set. Their monitors were not working, so could not tell anything about the shots.

We have narrowed our choices down to the Rocketbladez or X Hot and I wondered what people on here think is the better irons to get her. Any other suggestions would also be appreciated.

Thank you


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Given her plans, I would suggest she find a woman golf pro who could help her stabilize her game, and help her find proper clubs. Ask golfing friends for names.


You haven't told us anything about her past sports experiences, and how tall she is. Slightly taller women sometimes generate enough clubhead speed to use a men's R-flex shaft.


From your post, I would mention that the shaft in a golf club is just as critical as the clubhead. You want a shaft with proper weight and flex to get the most out of the golf swing.


Above all, find a golf shop which has launch monitors that work, and a larger selection of clubs.

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She is 5'7" and 155. She is a 4 sport letterman in high school. She lettered in cross country, golf, basketball & softball. There isn't anyone around us that can help and the people I have talked to that are over 2 hours away are way to expensive. We can't afford the real expensiive places to go and get fitted and get clubs. She has a swing coach already, he sells Penley shafts but does not have any machines for loft or to see which one works better. I am tryong to save enough money to take her to look at 3 of the colleges that are inerested in her to see if she likes the schools. Getting an education is the most important thing and right now golf is giving her the opportunity to do it.

 I have been looking at used sets that are in very good condition. Like I said, the only clubs she got to hit was Taylormade and one club was a mens club. The clubs are going to be expensive enough where putting expensive shafts in will be to expensive. Most places within a couple hours of here don't even have but one set for women. Like they told me last weekend, they don't carry womens clubs because they don't sell that many of them but they can always order them.



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Try looking at this site and then give Callaway a call. They are very helpful. I am very happy with the service I have gotten from the folks on the phone. 



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I go on their site everyday. I talked to them yesterday and they said depending on how much money you wanted to spend get the Razr X, X Hot or the X2 Hot.

Decided to ask the 6 coaches if they or their girls had any preferences and the one coach said he could order her whatever she wanted with their discount. The biggest discount was on Titleist, which he said one of his girls just ordered a set the other day. That was one brand I wasn't looking t because of the price.Back to more reading.



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I teach in a college business school, so congrats on your daughter getting to play golf in college.


As for clubs, any chance a golf expo or demonstration day is coming to your area this spring? These events have club manufacturing reps on hand (Callaway, TaylorMade, etc). They have test sets of clubs - including women's clubs - and can swap different flex shafts into the test clubs to see what your daughter needs.


If the reps could find what club models and shafts she needed, she could forward this info to her new coach.


Anyway, good luck!

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