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does anyone still use a 2 iron?

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So i snagged a matching 2 iron for my titleist 735 cm's ...  I've been keeping my eye out for one, for a while now. and finally pulled the trigger....


But does anyone actually still use a 2 iron??    I did mess around with some 2-3-4 hybrids, but found that when i could actually hit my 3 - 4 irons well,, i started hitting my hybrids like crap lol


Plus I figured it'll give me a good iron to use on low punch shots and stuff....  


anyways, i still have a atleast 6 weeks or so before i can hit some balls..... ty michigan weather lol

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Hell no!


FWIW, I don't use persimmon woods any more either!   ;-)

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Originally Posted by David in FL View Post

Hell no!


FWIW, I don't use persimmon woods any more either!   ;-)

"That persimmon is garbage compared to my beachwood."


I find the old 2 irons are great as substitutes for walking sticks or canes.

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Yes I do. It gets swapped out with a hybrid depending on the course and conditions. Realistically the hybrid is in the bag about 90% of the time. When the 2 is in the bag it really only gets used on the tee to hit a low running bullet. 

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I can hit my 17 degree hybrid low enough with practice that I don't need a 2 iron, and it goes farther than any 2 iron would. I can also get a lot of maximum yardage out of the 3i, especially off the tee, and the 2i is all but useless off the deck. There's a big difference between the 2 and 3 irons for me off the ground, and any imperfect lie can make it seem nearly unhittable. No sense in worrying about that when the 17 degree hybrid destroys it.


I've been tempted plenty of times to go pick one up, but the dilemma of what to shaft it with and which club to kick are too much, since my 17 degree is staying and my 3 iron is too useful off the deck to spare. The most likely choice would be a 17 degree head with the same length and exact same shaft as my 3 iron with the head weight also set to match the 3. I could consider playing it at 1/2 or 1 inch longer than the 3 but I don't think that would help much.


The only scenarios I could see carrying one like that would be if I were in a tournament and didn't trust my driving; I'd probably leave out either the 3 wood or driver slot.

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I don't because I've never owned one but I go through spells where I hit long irons exceptionally well and during those spells I would use one if I had one (and even a 1 iron).


During one such spell a couple of years ago a friend asked me to hit a 1 iron he had in his bag and I hit it so well that I thought seriously about finding one.


My exceptional spell went away before I ever bought one so I never did.

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so, i'm a bit bummed lol....  i went to pay for my new 2 iron today on ebay, and somehow it didnt show up in my account... messaged the seller and everything and he told me someone else snagged it before i did.. so idk what happened, but no 2 iron for me....... durrrrrrrrrrrrrr    


oh well, i still have till late april untill i'll be hitting balls..

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Well most new 3 irons are 2 iron lofts from about 15+ years ago :-D

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If I was in the market for a 2 iron I would be looking at one of the driving irons from Ping, Calloway or Titleist.
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I used one for a longer time was was inconsistent. My 3H is more reliable and goes about the same as it used to. I think if you are already playing one and it works, go for it. If you don't like hybrids, go for it. But I agree with an earlier poster, today's 3-irons are yesterday's 2-irons and the trend is towards hybrids now.

My last two sets I haven't even gotta 3-iron. One because the manufactorer didn't include it in the set and the second by choice since it was a custom set. I'd rather take something off my hybrid than swing a 3-iron nowadays.
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OT, but I miss my 3i. Was great for punch shots that had to go a ways. I have never seen a 735CM 3i for sale. As for a 2i, I doubt I'd carry one.

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Originally Posted by saevel25 View Post

Well most new 3 irons are 2 iron lofts from about 15+ years ago :-D

Exactly, hitting a 3 iron off the tee these days is just as good as a 2. Some iron sets have them only 2-2.5 degrees stronger than 3 iron. Better off with a 5 wood for sure;

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My younger brother does. Ever since he was 14, he could hit a hot, accurate  draw with a 2i. When we play in a scramble, he always launches one or two of those shots under the wind and onto the green at crucial times.


He shoots in the 90s when playing solo, but he can really smoke that 2i.

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I thought we just covered this subject? I carry one regularly. Matches my set. I didn't take it out all last year.

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I have played around with a 712U 2 iron, it's fun but I don't see it as a necessity.  I think a hybrid is more useful.  The only time I would hit the 2 iron is on holes where I need to find the fairway or hit.  Plus the hybrid is better out of the rough.

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yea seeing a 735cm 3iron for sale is rare......  about on the same level as the 735cm 2 iron lol.... hence why i wanted to snag it lol..   


Well after pulling out my clubs to look at my wedges ( new Vokeys )  cuz i was looking at buying some of the Older  Vokey Wedges ( another subject lol ) ,  I thought about my club set...


I usually only have my driver in the bag and then irons and wedges..... 


But I put my 3wood back in the bag and figure it'll do more than what a 2 iron would..   


But if i do run into a 735cm 2iron, i will totally snag it..  would make for a nice set if i ever decide to sell them.....

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I have a RBZ 3 iron, which is actually a 2 iron by traditional loft standards (18°).      Fantastic club for tee shots on tight fairways & for punching out from under trees.     It's a little wild & finicky on fairway shots for me ... but when I catch it right, it's unbelievably long. 

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Nope, I have a 2 hybrid which I use sparingly. 

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