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New user, Swedish Expat living in Dubai

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I have been reading this forum for some weeks now and I have to say that this is an excellent resource or knowledge. I manage to almost got the answer to all my questions except on how to break 80 on Earth course at Jumeriah Golf Estate =)


I am a Swedish Golfer living in Dubai and memeber on the Jumeriah Golf Estate. I played golf when I was 13 to 17 years old but then quit the game because of all the stuff you need to do when you are young, Girls, party, Snowboard, University, first work and so on....


I took up the game again when I was 29 and played 2 years in Sweden, came down to around 15 in HCP but then I moved to Iran and I stooped playing golf again. There is one golf course in Tehran but I would not even call it a golf Course. They don't have the equipment to maintain it and it is almost impossible to get hold of golf balls and clubs.. =) Another interesting thing is since the golf club is in the middle of the city and was built during the time of the Shaw (The King) some 50 years ago Golf is seen as a western thing. So every year one holes vanish for some public and governmental building. So today there is 11 holes left out of the 18. It might be even less now =)


Then 3 years ago I moved to Dubai where I really tried to get better and invest in the game of golf. Today I am playing of 10 and managed to score below 80 twice. I am a member on Jumeirah golf Estate and try to play every weekend. So if there is anyone living in Dubai I hope we can meet up for a good round of golf.


Currently I am struggling big time with my putting so any advice on that would be super =)




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