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Pebble is once in a lifetime and in my opinion worth it once. The course will have a great deal of familiarity for you because you have probably seen so many of the holes. Someone earlier recommended the Lodge and you will need to stay there, but again, for this once in a lifetime type deal it is worth it. Spyglass is overrated in my opinion. I highly recommend waiting and paying the twilight rate. The first 6 holes are really really good, but many of the holes on the back are sort of ho hum. So you pay less and if you don't finish no matter because you got to play the first 6. 


I like Spanish Bay because it is a little different, something unique.


Poppy Hills is under construction. Not sure when it is done, but the pictures they send us in the NCGA magazine make it look pretty nice. 


I also recommend Bayonet.