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SpeedBlades vs CG Blacks

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Could I get some thoughts about the Taylormade SpeedBlades vs Cleveland CG Blacks? I've hit the Japanese version of the SpeedBlade and like the feel. The launch monitor was showing 165-170+ for the 7i w/ stiff KBS C Taper shaft. This is compared to ~150 with my current Cobra Amp Cell w/stiff shaft.

It appears that that CG Blacks aren't available here, but I like the feel of the Cleveland wedges and the CGs seem like they might be Cleveland's answer to the SpeedBlade niche.

Brief, but a starting point for discussion. i'm a 60 year old 13 handicapper who plays weekly and may be experiencing some fade problems due to a slightly too stiff shaft.
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Seems like good numbers for a 7 iron. I've never hit the CG Blacks but the SpeedBlades are a well designed club, strong lofted, high launching and forgiving. Just a guess but the Cleveland irons probably won't beat the numbers you're seeing with the TaylorMade irons. 

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Yeah, I was amazed at the yardage it was giving me. Thing is, that has the potential to be a negative, as those numbers would really put a big gap between the PW and my current arsenal of 4 other wedges, wedges with distances that I really like. But that can be remedied and Inreally liked the feel of those irons. A possibility would be to have my Amp Cell irons reshafted to decrease flex but that may not result in the feel and results I want. Although part of the feel isdue is due to the SpeedBlades themselves, the Japanese shafts are somewhat softer, so I was hitting an iron with a dufferent flex of my current irons.

And the matter of flex isvsomething I am going to start a new thread on. Given my limited Japanese abikity it's hard enough to ask questions in the shops, much less fully understand the answers. And my wife is definitely not going to be interested in helping me spend more money on yet more golf clubs. So I'm hoping to get some information from those of you on this forum.

Thanks much for the feedback.
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