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Aloha from Oahu!

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Aloha! I am an active duty E-6 stationed at Peal Harbor, Hawaii! I am brand new to golf and just took my first lesson (with at least 5 more scheduled). I picked up golf about 2 months ago and finally decided it was going to be "my game". I am completely awful at the game but still seem to want to play again every time I leave the range or par 3 course... Right now I have set my 6 month goals to play an actual 18 hole course under 90 strokes, make a birdie, drive the ball 250 yds and attempt to establish a handicap. Dont know if these are realistic but hey... there they are. 


I have some thrift shop clubs ( Big Bertha Steelhead (10* loft) Driver / Titleist DCI Oversize + irons 5-PW / Nike 7 wood / Callaway 9 wood / Tommy Armour Evo Putter *this ones new*) an old bag and some of those "recycled" balls (Noodle/Callaway/Nike/Bridgestone mostly). Minus the putter ($35) everything was picked up at goodwill or salvation army for under $50 total. 


I would love to hear any advice you might have for beginner golfers as well as thoughts on when I should invest in some newer clubs and what clubs you recommend! 

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My advice to take a lesson.  My second advice is to spend more time on the practice range grooving your swing than playing the game.


If I had to start all over again, that is what I would do.

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First thanks for your service. 


Second Welcome to TST. Lots of great info here, enjoy your stay.

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