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Golf in Turkey

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Hi All

Anyone ever golfed in Belek Turkey?

I am playing Gloria Old and New plus Tat and Catalya

Anyone been there?

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We coached a guy from Turkey. I've emailed him and hope he can come here to help you out. I know of another instructor who may be able to help out as well.

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I've not been, but most of the club seem to have been.


Everyone comes back raving about it.


Mostly people pick up the all inclusive details with one of the local hotels which are suppose to be superb.


You need to watch out for your tee times if your go in the summer the middle of the days can be very very hot.

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Hi, Groomyd!


I am a very frequent visitor to Turkey and particularly to the Belek area. It is the major golfing destination for the Russian golfers. There is about a dozen courses there and some of the turkish pros are my good golfing friends. 


Let me know what exactly you want to know about the place and I will try to help you out.


PS: I have to disappoint you but The Gloria courses are far from the best in the area both conditioning and design wise. TAT is also a somewhat "lesser" place. There is no course called Catalya. But there is Carya ( which is what you meant I believe) - it's a nice resort style layout, very playable to the general public and pleasant for your eye. A must plays in the area are the Lykia Links, the Montgomerie, Cornelia Faldo, Sultan Course at the Antalya Golf Club and of course, the oldest club - the National Golf club - which has the most formidable collection of the tee-shots imaginable.

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