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Deal talk - are we allowed to discuss best prices/online retailers?

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I was just fitted for a new set (also cross tested several brands) and am getting ready to buy Ping G25 irons and driver so I'm now shopping around.


Besides the major retailers, online or local - any recommendations for best prices and service online?  I need a custom irons setup - 2 degrees upright and an extra 1" in length - so I can't just buy stock stuff either, and totally avoiding the many "fake" looking websites selling clubs - which are probably Chinese knock offs.


With really high prices and sales tax on top, local shops can't compete - plus the fitting was a PAID fitting so there is no obligation to buy clubs at full retail from their associated big box golf store.


If mentioning online retailers  with great deals is not permitted in the open forum, feel free to PM suggestions.  Thanks!

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If you want clubs that are current models, expect to pay full price. You can probably get models like a G20 or G15 in stock configurations for like half price depending on the brand. Custom pricing may or may not be available but Ping is probably going to have some custom sets due to the fitting system so look around. You're looking for the green dot I believe, and may need to add extensions or reshaft to get the length.


For this year's clubs, either try and grab a sale, trade your current set in, or get a used set if any are available. Anything else will probably be counterfeits.

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Try global golf. Go to custom clubs function. You will have the option to choose manufacturer and that will show you what clubs are offered. I like the idea of being able to customize my clubs for length lie and grips plus not have to choose 3-pw when I only play 6-pw. Saves some money that way and use freeship99 code. Not sure if taxes or not.
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It is tough to get Pings at a discount from any online or brick-mortar shop -- they lose their Ping account if they do not sell acc. to PIng's MAP guidelines. Several retailers have lost their account. You might see limited variation ...

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Sorry no Ping clubs on Global golf in custom section.
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If it helps, Ping Irons typically last forever ... so if you keep them and they fit, you get great value.

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It is almost impossible to find Ping's newest model clubs discounted or included in any retail store or online promotion. The only thing you will find discounted are older model clubs such as G15, G20 or i20. Good Luck.

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Originally Posted by golfingal View Post

If mentioning online retailers  with great deals is not permitted in the open forum, feel free to PM suggestions.  Thanks!


No problems with that here.


I recommend checking globalgolf.com though, as someone said, they may not have PING.

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I paid for a fitting then bought customized ping irons at tgw.com.  The listed price was the same as if I bought them from the shop, but when you're spending $800 on clubs, avoiding sales tax helps.  

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Thanks to all for many helpful replies! - Yes, the new green dot is 2.25 degrees upright, so that's close enough to my spec...  I actually currently use Ping G2s that are the "old" green dot - 2 degrees upright.  I bought those around 2005 when I first started playing, and used the online fitting system - it was really validating to see the pro fitting matched exactly what I did with that original online fitting!


Anyway, I do know that some online dealers do discount - even on new custom order sets but it's not advertised online and you have to call.  My last set was from Discount Dan's in OR - there's also Rock Bottom, but neither have the Ping.


FWIW I found this online -


Maroon Dot - 4.5 Degrees Upright
Silver Dot - 3.75 Degrees Upright
White Dot - 3.0 Degrees Upright
Green Dot - 2.25 Degrees Upright
Yellow Dot - 1.50 Degrees Upright
Blue Dot - .75 Degrees Upright
Black Dot - Standard Lie Angle
Red Dot - .75 Degree Flat
Purple Dot - 1.5 Degrees Flat
Orange Dot - 2.25 Degrees Flat
Brown Dot - 3.0 Degrees Flat
Gold Dot - 3.75 Degrees Flat

Maroon Dot - 5 Degrees Upright
Silver Dot - 4 Degrees Upright
White Dot - 3 Degrees Upright
Green Dot - 2 Degrees Upright
Blue Dot - 1 Degree Upright
Black Dot - Standard Lie Angle
Red Dot - 1 Degree Flat
Orange Dot - 2 Degrees Flat
Brown Dot - 3 Degrees Flat
Gold Dot - 4 Degrees Flat

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If you haven't already, try Carl's Golfland.  I noticed they aren't even showing a price on the G25's, they want you to call.  That might be a good sign.  They're also saying they will help you put together whatever set you want.


They're local to me and have always been competitive on their prices and their service has been first class.


Just a suggestion.

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Thanks again, I have done some business with Carls Golfland before and called them yesterday before I saw your post - they ended up with the best pricing so far and I'm probably going with them.

2nd Swing and Golfdiscount.com were pretty good - Discountdans.com don't currently carry Ping unfortunately.  The Callaway used store had the driver but it sold out... they are a little higher than market prices for used but a reputable source vs Ebay.


Anyway, no sense grinding on it much more - just not wanting to pay list price or MSRP.  Thanks again all.


Looking forward to gaining about +1 club distance with the new sticks!

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I am not a ping guy but my brother plays them, they have great service if you ever need your clubs adjusted, refinished, etc. they cost more, but they provide excellent service at the factory when needed. Good luck with your new sticks. Not sure what you were playing, but with a 4 iron at 23 degrees loft and a PW at 45 degrees loft on the g25, I assume you will pick up distance b2_tongue.gif
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