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Week of golf school

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Besides your clubs, what equipment/supplies should you take for a 5 day golf school?  What is the fitness level needed?

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You are going to hit a lot of balls.  Take some Advil/Tylenol/Aleve.  Bring some athletic tape, and bandages in case you get blisters.  Probably should have two gloves - one to use and a spare.


Depending on where you are going, rain gear may be necessary.  Two pairs of golf shoes are helpful since after several hours in the rain your 1st pair may be a bit damp.


You will mainly be hitting range balls but you need a reasonable supply of your own for playing after the day's lessons and for on course instruction.  The school I attended did not want you to use range balls on the course.


Otherwise, think of what you would take on a 5 day golf vacation.  My wife and I took tennis racquets and swimming suits because after hitting hundreds of balls all day, it was nice to do something different at times.

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Thanks for your response, I appreciate the advice.

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What school is this out of curiosity?  


And how do you think a week long golf school adds to your abilities as compared to lessons more spread out over time?  Do you not fear it is too much to take in?  I feel it takes me months sometimes to get down a move they taught me in 30 minutes.

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Good questions.  First off, this is a 50th birthday present from my wife (cool life event).  However, I take 5 - 8 lessons a year from my local PGA pro (last five or six years). I agree with how long it takes to incorporate or understand something you learn in one lesson.  I also agree that a week long series of intensive golf lesson will throw more info than I can handle.


 I'm a 10.9 index and have been as low as 9.0.  I'm excited more about the prospects of short game and on-course instruction. My local course has limited practice facilities (like sand traps, large putting greens) and doesn't offer playing lessons. I'm also hoping they offer strategy and approaches towards my game than just swing mechanics. It will be interesting to have a fresh set of eyes evaluate my game.  Lastly, it will be nice taking lessons while on vacation versus rushing to a lesson hyped up from the work day. I'm not expecting miracles but I hope it will be a good experience.  It's the Pinehurst golf school.


Thanks again for your questions.

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Pfft Pinehurst as in Pinehurst? That would be enough for me. Wouldn't care what else happened, enjoy.


Edit: just scanned the site, that looks freakin' fun. The food options on the resort had me excited.

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