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Valeria Pacheco 13 year old phenom

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So I played a round with another young phenom in SFL

13 year old Valeria Pacheco

She's a 1 handicap
Tiny 5'5" 100 pounds if that
Swing speed close to 100mph
Was driving it all day middle of fairway around 250 yards
She played from mens tees on a tough course that plays long

I played two tees behind her with a young pga tour pro

He was 310 most tee shots and his s/s is 120 range
Zero roll on the course like most SFL courses
I was 25 yards behind him most tee shots from same pro tees

If you look up the record of the phenom
She is usually 10+ shots ahead of the field in her 13-15 yr old tourneys

Only video of her on youtube she is 10
Pretty much same swing

Lock for Lpga imo

The kids are getting really good today

Nice to see one out of USA instead of Asia
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Watched her utube video, what a long and smooth swing!
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Shes 10 in that
Now shes 13
Swinging as fast as Lpga pros
Lots of talent that one
She will b known soon
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So people won't have to leave the site to see the video:

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Originally Posted by impactswing View Post

I played two tees behind her with a young pga tour pro

He was 310 most tee shots and his s/s is 120 range
Zero roll on the course like most SFL courses
I was 25 yards behind him most tee shots from same pro tees

Just a question for you if you don't mind... Don't you think talking about playing with a "young PGA tour pro" and how long he was and that you were 25 yards behind him is all z8_offtopic.gif

What you claim is also unverifiable so I don't believe it! :)

Oh and ya she might have potential.
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How can anything an O P says in the threads first post b off topic.

If u dont like the thread, y do u bother to post?

U can lookup the young phenoms ajga record, see her smoking her competition by double digits in 2 day events

I dont care what u believe

The fact is im almost 55 and Im still long enough to play pro tees

I play in senior usga events

I have my own theories on the golf swing, as to the one thing every pro does in their swing amateurs dont do, which creates pro distance

The young pro I was playing with is irrelevant,he was there and he agreed, the most polished 13 year old he has seen and he was at 12 one of the top tanked under 18 yr old boys in FL a decade ago

Anyone would do wise to look at her swing, see how effotlessly even a 10 yr old can hit a golfball and score

Plus in a short time when she's doing usga events like the womens open and placing high in stats and getting sponsors exemptions into Lpga events, you'll say I remember her the guy on a forum I go to mentikned how good she was

The tour pro was relevant to the round since I played with him on pro tees

Now I could have said she was 1 over for a nice stretch, she finally smiled when I congratulated her for stiffing a pin inside the pro and me, I could of said I was inside her approaches most of the time because I hit Lazers, Lol, etc.

I gave a heads up on a phenom.

If u got something negative to say look in a mirror, you are looking at someone that needs to find some happiness.
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I am very happy actually! Thanks for your concern.

Yes, an OP can be out of topic! There is no connection between you playing pro tees at 55 and how long the guy playing with you is and the topic of the phenom you are talking about.. So, if you don't get that then oh well!
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Date   Tournament  Course   Place Points
 Feb 4 - Feb 5   Junior Tour Event #1 - Club Med Sandpiper  Sandpiper Golf Club at Club Med  75-79--154  1 250.00 
 Mar 17 - Mar 18   Junior Tour Event #2 - Miccosukee G&CC  Miccosukee GCC Marlin/Dolphin  83-84--167  5 100.00 
 May 5 - May 6   Junior Tour Event #4 - Turtle Creek CC  Turtle Creek Club  83-80--163  1 250.00 
 May 19 - May 20   Junior Tour Event #5 -The Vineyards  Vineyards Country Club - North Course  75-77--152  1 250.00 
 Jun 12 - Jun 13   Junior Tour Event #6 - Raptor Bay Golf Club  Raptor Bay Golf Club  74-79--153  2 200.00 
 Jul 24 - Jul 25   Junior Tour Event #9 - Plantation Preserve  Plantation Preserve Golf Course & Club  80-78--158  1 250.00 
 Sep 15 - Sep 16   Junior Tour Event #13 - Wycliffe Golf and CC  Wycliffe Golf & Country Club - West  80-77--157  1 250.00 
 Oct 6 - Oct 7   Junior Tour Event #14 - Hobe Sound GC  Hobe Sound Golf Club  74-77--151  1 250.00 
 Nov 3 - Nov 4   Junior Tour Event #16 - Fountains CC  Fountains Country Club, The- North  80-77--157  2 200.00 
 Dec 1 - Dec 2   Junior Tour Championship - Santa Lucia River Club  Santa Lucia River Club at Ballantrae  85-82--167  2 200.00 


Also note she is playing on 5300-5500 yard course set up. Don't get me wrong it is really good for a 13 year old. It really isn't earth shattering. She's playing in events were there have only been 5-15 other golfers. I wouldn't call it a deep field by any stretch. Also she is only competing in this one small region. Which means there could be a lot other girls around the country just as good or better than her. 


Also she isn't a 1 handicap. Look at those scores, she averages around a 79. She's a single digit handicap for the courses she plays on. At one course, lets say Plantation Reserve, she was playing between the Green and Red tees. For that the rating is about a 70, and a slope of 121. Honestly she's not playing hard golf courses. 


So, you assertion she is this phenom lighting up this one small regional golf tournaments is dramatically blown out of proportions. She is a very good junior golfer. She is not a phenom. If she can go blow the field away at the US Junior or something like then my opinion could be changed. 

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This shows her year by year


Currently #1 in player of the year
Was #1 player of the year last year
Golf week ranking 200

U look at some of the recent events shes 71/72 and 12 shots ahead of field

She is longer than many female pros but way shorter than the tallpga chiks like Lexi

Head and shoulders above the rest of 13-15 yr old girls in Fl

And Fl is a major golf area

She was playing that course due to it hosting an event soon

She played 6200 yards and played it like a scratch golfer

7 or 8 pars in a row on the front 9 the first time she saw it

Shes a legit phenom
Hitting it like a female pro at 13
Shooting low 70 rounds in tourneys
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Looks like a very talented young lady. I'm sure she has a bright future ahead of her.


It is very fun to play with kids like that, isnt' it? Amazing to see the skill level at such a young age. I've had the pleasure of playing with Emma Talley, who grew up near where I live. She is unbelievable. She was the nation's #1 recruit coming out of high school, won last year's US Women's Amatuer, and contributed to a U.S. win in the Junior Ryder Cup playing alongside names like Jordan Spieth. Just truly an unbelievable kid... I know I'm going off topic, but I want to share a quick story about her because this area is incredibly proud of her. As a sophomore in high school she won the high school state tournament by 5 shots, but she signed an incorrect scorecard on the final round that said she won by 6 shots. No one caught the mistake and her score had already been posted, but when she realized her mistake she chose to turn herself in and disqualify herself. Class act, and all around a great kid.

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2012 Girls 13-15 Player of the Year Valeria Sofia Pacheco of Hallandale Beach, 2012 Honda Classic - See more at: http://www.sfpgagolf.com/2013-sfpga-junior-championship-tour-kick-off-this-weekend-at-sandpiper-golf-club/#sthash.MhJDrtsJ.dpuf

So player of the year 13-15 yo girls at 13

Definite phenom imo
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Originally Posted by impactswing View Post

She was playing that course due to it hosting an event soon

She played 6200 yards and played it like a scratch golfer

7 or 8 pars in a row on the front 9 the first time she saw it

Shes a legit phenom
Hitting it like a female pro at 13
Shooting low 70 rounds in tourneys



If this was true, then why does she average around 79 on courses that are 700-800 yard less than 6200?

Here scores are legit tournament scores. She only shot near 72 3 times. She is NOT a scratch golfer. If she was scratch at 6200 yards she should be shooting scratch at 5400 yards.


She has broken 80 only 19 out of her 34 tournaments, just over 50% of the time. She is not a consistent scratch golfer like you suggest. She is a very good junior golfer. She is not a phenom. 

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Last year she apoears to have grown into lenght

Shes now low 70s in tourneys

Most of the recent rounds are international venues
Puerto rico
Central america

So recent scores show shes low 70s and seeing her first hand splitting fway after fway 250/260 off tee and hitting almost every green shes scratch

Her proximity to hole will improve
Her lenght will increase

At her age she should b makin waves within a year in either us womens open or a soonsored lpga event

Girl phenoms start to apoear in big events between 13/15

I guess she recently grew to 5'5" but shes skinny as a rail

She might get taller
She will gain weight and distance

But shes now long enough to be on Loga

Time will tell

But she looks as good as a 13 yo can be imo

Having seen her up close
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Originally Posted by impactswing View Post

Definite phenom imo


It's great that you seem to want to hype up a hometown gal, maybe even a relative or something, but let's not forget what a true "phenom" in golf looks like:


  • The youngest winner (male or female) of an adult USGA-sanctioned tournament – Age 13
  • The youngest player to make a cut in an LPGA tournament and major – Age 13
  • The lowest round by a female in a PGA Tour event – 68 at Age 14
  • The youngest player to play in Curtis Cup history – Age 14
  • The first female to qualify for a USGA championship that is generally played by males - Age 15


Big gap as I see it.

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Anytime u in Sfl
The 13 yo can play u
I got 20grand that says she smokes you from 6400 yd tees

Oh not related
Ran into her and her dad other day
I gave him advice
Go to FSGA and start getting reimbursed to put her nationwide in every top AM

I told him the top instructors I know
Said if you need free rounds or range balls
I will make a couple of calls

Im rarely impressed
Shes the real deal
Should b making big events within the year
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I don't doubt her talent, she's clearly a great player. It's somewhat niave to believe that there aren't several equally talented girls around the world, but it's obvious that she's very good. You are right in the fact that she doesn't need to be playing in a state golf association if she wants to pursue a career in golf, but instead needs to be playing in national events.


I'm not trying to continually hype our local girl in comparison to yours, but IMO she fits the description of phenom much better. Granted, yours has 4 more years to accomplish her attributes, but here is an excerpt from Emma's bio that she compiled in high school.



Was the nation's No. 1 recruit for 2012 by Golfweek ... 2011 first team Rolex Junior All-American ... qualified for the 2011 and 2012 U.S. Open, making the cut and finishing tied for 46th in 2012 ... won 10 times at American Junior Golf Association events ... set an AJGA record in 2010 by winning the Huntsville Junior with a 18-under-par total of 198 ... her 22-stroke margin of victory also set an AJGA record ... member of the 2010 Junior Ryder Cup and the 2011 PING Junior Solheim Cup ... ranked third in the class of 2012 in the Polo Junior Golf Rankings ... set an AJGA record with four consecutive victories in 2011 at the AJGA Girls Championship, the AJGA Franklin Junior, the Natural Resource Partners Bluegrass Junior and the AJGA Junior at Quad Cities ... finished seventh at the 2011 Junior PGA Championship ... featured in Sports Illustrated Faces in the Crowd in 2009 ... named the 2008 Kentucky Ms. Golf and won three individual Kentucky State Championships"


Winning state events by 10 strokes is one thing. Winning national events by 22 strokes (as a sophomore) while shooting 18 under par is another.

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I've come across two young phenoms
Both have unusual lenght for their age
One is a 14 year old boy who hits it 300 already
He's 5'10
Goes to school with my sons
He works with a hall of fame coach in SFL I know who groomed lexi and her brothers as kids
His lenght is amazing for 14
We play all the time

Then valeria
Unusual lenght for 13 yr old 100lb girl

Then a 22 year old pro with pga tour cards in india and thailand

Nice swing there too

But too old to say a phenom

But he will hit pga tour big show soon
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There is so much more to being an extraordinary golfer than length. In fact, it is well down the list IMO. Impressive at the range, I agree, but less of a factor on the course. There is a certain distance that you need to be able to hit the ball to compete at the pro level, and anything beyond that is just bonus...


If the base criteria for phenom is amazing length then I know several phenoms, some of which can't break 80.

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