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Never tried this ball but I'd take a whollop with them
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Never picked up
Last years ball. Was curious. Will take a shot at the new rzn
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If I get them, I promise to lift, clean, and place every shot out of respect for the ball.
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Would love to give em a try
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me like free free

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played the -x balls last year, liked them would like to see the difference

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I've used 20xi-x for last 3 years. Just picked up the covert tour 2.0 w Tini x stiff shaft. Back and forth between platinum and black. Not sure if I'll need to switch to platinum to keep ball in air longer. Worried about too much spin though on shots under 100 yards.
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"Yes. Yes. Yes"

-Dashboard Dog
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I'm in, guessing they're a big step up from the pd soft, which are my favorite budget bail.
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Sign me up. Because I'm a nice person. And tall and good lookin. And I like Tiger Woods, and by extension, Nike.
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I'm looking for a performer like the Tour ONE D still.

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I'm always looking for a new ball to try!

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I am currently using Pro V1x Golf balls I would like to try the new Nike golf balls for comparison.

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I've been playing with cheapo balls.  Would like to test the new expensive Nike balls

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I wonder who got the first dozen balls?
Let's hear a review when the balls arrive.
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I would love some RZN golf balls! I would attack every pin with my newfound confidence, and one would look great hanging in my man cave after I get my first hole-in-one!
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If this is a random draw of daily entries...I'm in.


 But if Nike is judging the entries for <entertainment value, honesty, humor, style, spelling, simplicity, golf lore, etc> then i can tell Nike that if i am a winner of these fine balls, then i swear that when i am at Augusta watching Tiger Woods stroll those hallowed grounds i will certainly ask him to sign one of these balls and will pass this treasured memento onto my grandson, or daughter. 

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