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Newbie and my club choice question  

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Hey all, another newbie/beginner golf club scenario for all of you... with a possible twist due to my circumstances.


I've played golf twice in my life and really enjoyed it despite being horrible. My second time I managed to finish with the same ball I started with, a major accomplishment in my mind. I'm at a point in life that things have settled down, married again and trying to build our family. No more extensive traveling, long motorcycle trips or traveling the country to see family. I work offshore which means I only work 6 months out of the year and I have plenty of free time, during the day, to do whatever I feel like... and it feels like the perfect time to stop saying I'll take up golf and actually do it.


My golf club predicament starts like this... my company doesn't give a cash bonus, we get "points" that we can redeem at a specific online site that offers numerous items in a number of categories... and nothing I truly care for as everything looks over priced (I see 1 point equaling $1). Now, the category I am looking at is the gift cards, and the only gift card that is 1 for 1 is a Callaway gift card... I can get an Academy Sports card for 80 cents on the dollar. So, if I opted for the gift cards to pursue golf, I can get a $750 Callaway card (which can only be used through Callaway and not an authorized retailer) or $600 for an Academy Sports gift card.


I'm leaning towards the Callaway gift card but I don't know what would be the ideal clubs for a beginner that I can still be happy with 3-5 years down that road. And I'm leaning towards Callaway simply because it's a well known company and I could have more money to spend there.


And if Callaway doesn't offer clubs that are good for a beginner, should I opt for the Academy Sports card and look at another brand/set?


I'm planning on lessons and I have a driving range a few miles away. Austin has a few municipal courses that I plan to play at until I get decent. I have a friend/acquaintance who is a golf pro for Austin and has told me to check out their golf clinics. So, I'm serious about starting off with good clubs that I can grow with, especially when it doesn't hit my wallet hard, if at all. I see myself saving $750 that can be used for the driving range, lessons, fitting (I'm 6'2") and beer.


I'm looking forward to everyone's input and appreciate sharing your views and experience with me.



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Callaway makes clubs for beginners.   If you are looking at new clubs, look at their X2hot line.   Presuming you don't need some outlandish modifications, you can get 5-PW plus a Sand Wedge for about $700.   That still leaves you needing a few clubs (hybrid or two, fairway wood, driver) and a bag but it would be a good start and certainly clubs you can use for several years to come.


Since you have to buy directly from Callaway, you would have to pay for the fitting separately, but once you know your specs you can order clubs directly from Callaway built the way you need them to be and unless you need something really unusual or want different grips, they typically will build them to your specs at no upcharge.


As a side note, if you can use that card through their pre-owned site, you could save even more money and possibly get all your clubs for the $750..

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Thanks teamroper60... and the preowned Callaways are not an option with the gift card, I checked. I was disappointed because the preowned warehouse is in Austin and I could just cruise on over there and have them the same day.


I'll research the X2 Hot line of clubs.

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You may have a few driving ranges/golf clubs  in your area. I would check to see who has callaway demo clubs/fitting cart and try some test hits, and see how you like them. Don't be afraid they do want your money. 

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Thanks Jodastra


Please lock or delete this thread. Thank you.

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