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Minimalist Golf Swing

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Whaddya think?

Where is @logman when you need him?-Not being serious.
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Holy crap! g2_eek.gif

No wonder I'm no good at this game!
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Watched a couple if these videos. Seems like a golf swing for those who just want to hit the ball around but not bother with mechanics or technique enough to add power to the swing.

It's kinda like Iacas's hips forward drill but used as a full swing ;)
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Originally Posted by MiniBlueDragon View Post

It's kinda like Iacas's hips forward drill but used as a full swing ;)


Pretty sure I could hit the ball farther doing that than this…


BTW, this was on The Facebook with this video attached:



So "tear it to bits if you wish to".


Here's my simple contribution:


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Ha ha ha ha! SMH!

My swing is total crap but I'll take it over those any day.
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Dang, so much power in that swing!
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I think this method works ok for short irons but I don't see now it could provide enough distance with woods.
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I don't know, I'm sure those with limited physical ability might do okay with it, but I can't see it as an option for average golfers.  Is this what logman was referring to?

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I don't know what I'm doing and even I can tell this is horrible.

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I'm guessing your swing is probably not crap. Ten days ago, with an artificial left hip and a shredded right knee since replaced, I used Kiran's Minimalist Golf Swing System to post the following scores on par 71 tracts: 44, 42, 42, 41, 38, 44! Three rounds as I prepared for surgery.

I am a "golf Machine " guy who was trying Gary Edwin's Right Sided Swing for 3 years never going lower than a 43 for any 9. kinwar's Minmalist Golf Swing has helped me consistently go from 230 yard drives to 250+ so power is not a problem. I was in so many new positions so much closer to ten pins on my course that I had to adopt her chipping and sand play which also worked like a charm.

Next time you have surgery ask yourself If you want the surgeon to be technically skilled or good looking!
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Wonderful; I am an unemployed IT worker for, the past 4 months again, because of outsourcing. Now they are outsourcing golf instructors?  :hmm:

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Lol:-) As Americans, we are great at "outsourcing." Happily our Nazi scientists were better than the Russian captured Nazi's so we got the "A-bomb" first. b2_tongue.gif And basically our entire language and governmental systems were "outsourced" from Western Europe and the Americas. Kieran's golf mechanics are bio-mechanically sensitive and physics savy-so if it any comfort. e2_whistling.gif you are getting insight from The Master Golfer of the universe.

I have never compressed the ball so often (it feels like a marshmallow at impact) nor had such control! while my knee was deteriorating, my HCP had hit 22 during the last year from a 9. I will become a scratch golfer with this MGSS!

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Originally Posted by wildswing View Post

I think this method works ok for short irons but I don't see now it could provide enough distance with woods.

By keeping your thumbs horizontal as the arm goes up the chest, you create a very long lever with added bio-mechanical zip via efficiencies.
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Kiran is a Chiropractic Doctor! She likens her swing to an underhanded clap. As I lift my left arm up my chest, my right arm lightly hangs on (think of Hogan's grip in 5 Lessons). I then just drop my right elbow creating a powerful whip. Before my surgery, I had to replant my left heel, just to take some of the extra stored-up pressure on the right knee. That was less efficient than the underhanded clap or Hogan's stone skipping but still allowed me to call most of my shots!

Just try it and don't worry about looking goofy! Your wallet and HCP will not notice how you look!
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And I'm a golf instructor.-If you wanna listen to your mailman or a radiologist or something about your golf swing-More power to ya buddy.
Originally Posted by Innercity Mini View Post

Kiran is a Chiropractic Doctor! !
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a3_biggrin.gif To say that someone is a "certified golf instructor," is an interesting non-response-in all the lessons I've taken from some very qualified TGM (The Golf Machine) folks, with several pro clients, all I've ever heard is that there are 10 million variations on swinging a golf club. Everyone of those teachers are always interested in a new insight into how to make the game more enjoyable for as many as possible!

One of my teachers is head of a large metropolitan PGA section in a North-eastern city.
He was certain my disabilities would never allow erme to drive a ball 250 yards-nevertheless Hummingbirds fly b2_tongue.gif !

I understand that PGA teaching pros are generalists by necessity and that the profession demands a certain ambiguity in the minds of students for business purposes. However, I believe a much stronger business model can be constructed around the full physical participation of all ages of golfers, with much less wear and tear, based on Kiran's MGSS! Thousands give up on golf each year. Imagine getting them back on the course playing better than ever with new merchandise in their hands!

Write Kiran and give her your credentials! Offer people a six lesson intro to the system and rock on with you golfing instruction dude. a2_wink.gif Make money, be happy and thank God we live in America!
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If I missed it I'm sorry but what about a Chiropractor's understanding the bio-mechanics of a golf swing do you find odd or contradictory to anything you teach Phil? Think about Hogan's "Five Lessons!" He shows a right side in tilt at impact, a side-arm stone skipping throw ( or underhand clap), lower body leading the swing (right sided tilt), elbows closer together and left arm stuck to the chest on the backswing. Kiran's genius is that she explains the why of Hogan and the Howe of making his positions easier to hit consistently. b3_huh.gif
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There are lots of biomechanists in golf-Only this lady has come up with a swing that looks like this.

If youve gotten better good for you, but youre still a 9.6, and the better players she has demonstrate her swing have an awfully traditional looking swing and dont do all the things she preaches.

Good luck.
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