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AP1 vs AP2

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Hey Everyone,


New to the forum - so hope I'm posting in the right spot.


I'm trying to decide between the 714 AP1 or AP2. I've hit both (on the matt - no grass) and am torn. Price aside I liked the AP2, however I'm not sure if it's too advanced of a club for me or not. The AP1 face on the shorter irons just seems very thick. I struck both irons well that's why I'm very undecided. I feel with the AP2 I will have more freedom to shape shots, but the AP1 will allow me to get away with some poor swings.


I'm a 15 handicap - and play 4x a week. I've been leaning with the AP2 - but the more I read online the more I feel it's too "advanced" for me.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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First of all welcome to the site!

Did you also hit both clubs on a launch monitor? I would do that and see what club gives you the best numbers. Also are you stuck on that club? There are other clubs out there that are less that would likely give you better forgiveness and spin rates. Forgiveness being the ability to get the ball up in the air better and not losing too much distance with off center hits.

Also just a note. Workability has little to do with the type of club. It is more of a face/path relationship at impact thing. Great golfers really don't work the ball much. Last year I played with 5 different scratch or better golfers and I remember two shots of the tee where they "worked" the ball different than their stock shot and the rest of the time it was a stock shot they could rely on every time.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply - no I haven't hit on a launch monitor, however I have a fairly high trajectory on my current irons, I don't see why it would differ - but I will go and get that tested.


I'm not 100% sold on them but I've hit a fair amount of others. The AP's just felt right in my hands. Always open to suggestions.

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Glad you found the site. It's a great community full of a lot of information, so I encourage you to stick around.


As far as AP1 vs AP2, if you get similar results from both, go with the ones that you're more comfortable with. There are certain clubs that just don't feel right in my hands or I don't like the look of them, and results can suffer. Confidence is a strange thing. 


As @cipher said, there are a lot of other options out there, but if you really like the AP2's and hit them well, then I see no reason not to go for them, assuming your budget will allow it.

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Thanks again for the rapid reply and the warm welcome - community seems amazing.


Budget wise I'm comfortable with the AP2 - and to me it's a sharp club. I'm really leaning towards it. Last question regarding the new iron set. Will getting fitted for the clubs make that much of a difference in my game? Currently I'm playing a set right off the shelf and wasn't fitted.


Thanks again everyone!

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Originally Posted by eastcoastshanks View Post

Will getting fitted for the clubs make that much of a difference in my game? 




Many big box stores like Golfsmith will waive the fitting fee if you order the irons through them. And even if you have to pay $50, it's the best $50 you'll spend, especially compared to the cost of the irons.

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Both AP1 and AP2 are quality irons. Titleist favors the more serious golfer in its club design, and does not have a SGI category iron. On the 2014 HotList, AP1 is classified as GI, and AP2 as Players, although a fairly user-friendly one.


A Player's iron will have a somewhat higher Vertical Center of Gravity than a GI iron, meaning the ball will tend to launch a bit lower from an AP2 than an AP1. (The lower the VCOG on a club, the more it pops the ball up into the air, other things being equal).


The VCOG level ties into "working the ball." If you understand the golf swing, you can hit a basic fade or draw with most any iron. Where AP1 vs. AP2 comes in is with ball height. You would be better able to flight the ball lower when wanted with an AP2 than an AP1. This assumes that you have ample time to practice for low and high flight with your clubs.


Anyway, compare the two on a launch monitor. It's hard to tell the shot shape when the ball hits the net 10 yards down from where you hit it. If you can continue to play multiple times weekly, you might be able to keep an AP2 swing in shape.


Likewise, the launch monitor will help you determine which type of shaft you want, whether AP1 or AP2. The shaft is half the club.

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Originally Posted by geauxforbroke View Post


Many big box stores like Golfsmith will waive the fitting fee if you order the irons through them. And even if you have to pay $50, it's the best $50 you'll spend, especially compared to the cost of the irons.

Agreed, my brother was fit for irons at golfsmith a year and a half ago. Tested a few options. They looked at spin rates and shot dispersion and there was some definite differences, from oem to oem. I don't even think they charged him.

@eastcoastshanksHave fun and let us know what you end up with!
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If I were you, I would definitely get fitted for any clubs that you want to purchase. It gives you an opportunity to try different shafts, different lies, etc. Well worth the money. Usually your big box stores will waive the fitting fee if you purchase the clubs from them.

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I don't have any suggestions re: the clubs your looking at, just wanted to jump in here and say Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your stay.

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I think guys have basically covered the differences. AP1 is generally going to go higher and farther, more forgiving on off center hits.


Here's our AP2 Review

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Hi, and welcome to the forum.  Sorry if this post is a bit delayed, but here goes.


I just recently went through the same decision process and I went with the AP1s for the added forgiveness, though I did fill out the wedges with SCORs so the first row of my bag looks pretty sexy, though I did it for the performance really.  Really!  The AP2s are beautiful clubs, no doubt about that, but the AP1s aren't ugly or anything, and if you hold them side by side they aren't really that much bigger and as a 10 handicapper I recognize my game still needs "improvement" so game improvement clubs are appropriate for me.


So far as whether to get a fitting, YES!!!  The fitting includes checking the lie angle, etc. which is certainly important, but much more important a good fitting will include trying various shafts to get optimal performance on the launch monitor.  You mention having a high ball flight, the right shaft can help keep it down, the wrong one can help you shoot rockets.  If you are getting serious about golf and plunking down some pretty serious cash for nice clubs you owe it to yourself to get them spec'd out specifically for you. 


If you want to go with Titleist I would strongly encourage you to look at their web site and see if there is an Advanced Fitting Center anywhere within driving distance of you.  They will generally have a wider variety of shafts on hand to try, and a fitter that is actually certified by Titleist.  If you can find one, try making an appointment and try both the AP1 and AP2 and let the fitter guide you in your selection.  The fitter I used doesn't charge if you order the clubs from him, and Titleist is pretty tough on pricing so you won't likely save anything buying from a big box store.  Ask them up front about the cost.


Hope this helps.


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