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How can you not like a shoe with out wearing it? :w00t:

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I don't see any that I like. Nothing catches my eye like other shoe makers. :hmm:

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Originally Posted by CHern5972 View Post


I don't see any that I like. Nothing catches my eye like other shoe makers. :hmm:

It took me easily 6 months of trying to find good looking shoes and when I finally get a pair that I love clubs start banning them! Adidas do have some nice non-golf shoes that would probably do the job.

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Thought I would look them up on eBay to see if they are selling, first post I saw and they are selling well, great. And cheap.
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Just a couple of years ago Adidas marketed the Puremotion as a better shoe that put you closer to the ground.  This AdiZero looks 180 degrees opposite.  To me the marketing hype never ends, companies say whatever is necessary to sell merchandise, products have a very short life cycle, and much of what is on the market is crap.  (And not to say that TaylorMade Adidas merchandise it crap, but they seem to be the worst offenders in golf.)

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I have a pair and love them.  I also live in Phoenix and unless you get on a green in the first 5 minutes after the sprinklers turn off, you will usually not even leave a ball mark with a 100 yard lob shot into a green.(Sarcasm)  Seriously, our greens here are incredibly hard compared to playing other parts of the state or country.  The dry air just saps all moisture out of the greens pretty quick keeping them very stiff unless extremely well maintained.  So I have not seen any issues with my shoes yet.  I also have not paid any attention specificly for issues related to them on greens and will now.  

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Have you seen some of the pictures? There seems to be a chance that they do "catastrophically damage greens." Players will also self-police this kind of thing even if it's never made into an official "policy." You can probably remember the Vijay/Phil thing at the Masters a while back…


I heard there was a dust up between the two.  What was the reason?

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I've noticed the new FootJoy DNA has a similar sole and cleat design to the Adizero so I'm wondering if they will also cause damage to greens.

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Shoot. I have 2 pairs of these shoes as I absolutely love them. They are easily the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn and waterproof. I definitely find the spikes give me better traction then my older shoes did. 


I am not really in a position to go out and buy 2 new pairs (I play 5/6 times a week so I really do need to alternate) of shoes. Has anyone gotten anywhere with Adidas? It would be a pain but I would go try on a dozen pairs of their current shoes to replace my Adizero's with something new if Adidas would foot the bill. It's a bit concerning to say the least. I don't want to be that ******* playing knowingly doing damage to the course.  My home course has firmer greens, and I'm not exactly large (5'8, 160 lbs), and I have switched the spikes out to a softer spike anyway just due to personal preference (I could really "feel" the stock spikes that come with them) so I'm probably on the better side of equation, just feeling kind of stuck now. 

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wow.i really wanted a pair of these in the blue but didn't wanna spend the money on em.wound up getting some oakleys which are very comfty.good thing I didn't because they clearly have an issue with the studs the cleat goes into.cant believe adidas didn't know this before designing them.would piss me off if I had to putt thru them marks.

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Just bought a pair of Nike Lunar Control II, they have agressive spikes also. The first time I wore them I was playing on very soft wet greens, I noticed

I was leaving spike marks, no where near as bad as pics in this thread, but little impressions of the spikes themselves. Have noticed no marks on firmer greens. But they are very comfortable shoes and I like them. I have flat feet and plantar whatever and have to try alot of shoes to find a pair that doesn't hurt my feet. 

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Today I played with a guy wearing Adizero shoes. The course has been pretty dry for a while and the greens are hard and fast, so while one could see small marks he wasn't really damaging the surface. I commented on the shoes and said they were controversial. He said he knew that, and that when he was buying them (from the pro shop at his club) the pro told him not to wear them in winter or at any time when rain had softened the greens. Interesting.
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looks like Sergio just teed off wearing them in the final round of the open but with them hard greens I doubt they'll even make an indention in green.

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I have a pair of these and I won't use them when it's wet, although on a damp morning I did try them out on the practice green and they were ok. They didn't leave more than other shoes I own. I definitely would not do them when it's wet, sloppy conditions.

Does anyone who owns them feel that they are narrower than other shoes? They gave me a couple of blisters, which I attribute to them pressing my toes together too much. Fortunately my feet are very stable through my swing, so I don't need something that really grips the ground. Based on the fit, I'd be avoiding them anyway.
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I got the footjoy DNAs yesterday and played today for the first time with them. I left indentions for sure. Not scuffs because I know how to walk but every step taken leaves a mark. The greens were soft. My wife left marks and she never does. One guy I paired up with was wearing tennis shoes and leaving indentions. My question is how much permanent damage do the marks really do? Seems like the grass should just bounce back within a couple of minutes. My god these shoes were comfortable. Although they do make you taller and basically impossible to roll your ankle.
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Originally Posted by dsc123 View Post

Wow, you'd think someone would have figured this out before getting to market, huh?

Adidas should give refunds.

No doubt. That is serious. Looks like trying to putt through a mine field after those shoes came through. Wow
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I threw mine out because they hurt my feet, but I did do a test on a damp day where I wore them with a spare pair in case I had to change in the cart. They did not noticeably leave deeper marks than other people on the greens. My greens are firmer and cut pretty low, so I think that has something to do with it. On the fairway and rough, they left really noticeable marks.

I'd say it would really mess with greens that are a bit higher than normal and wet.
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Baz played your course in July and have seen the notice banning said shoes and now understand the problem

Ps that is some 18th to finish on
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