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Making a course layout...

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Hi guys


nice to meet everyone! This is my first post... just joined TST.com. Hopefully someone can give me a hand on an issue that I am facing. 


So I became my local club team captain a few weeks ago. This is a course around the Sao Paulo area, Brazil. One of the things I am trying to get done is a new course layout (or course map),  so I can publish it on the course's website. 


My first attempt was to map the course using Google Earth and creating the course, hole-by-hole, using PowerPoint. Yes, PowerPoint. While the result was "ok", I am trying to find a freeware software that can help me get better results - even 3D, for that matter. Unfortunately my research so far has been, well, disappointing. 


Any clues or ideas??






ps1. in a few days, hopefully, I will join the "playing golf" discussions :-)


ps2. next week, web.com tour will be in Sao Paulo. Looking forward to watching some pro action!! 

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@billyjuliano ,


Welcome to the site.  I have been to the Sao Paulo area of Brazil twice (Campinas) for business and will go back soon.  Microsoft makes a program called Visio, which is a 2D drawing program.  You can import the Google Earth photos into Visio and edit them.  I have not made a golf course layout, but I have edited photos with it.  It will also let you draw on the photos. It has much better capability than Powerpoint.


Best of luck.

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Welcome to The Sand Trap @billyjuliano !


I'd love to see who your project turns out, post up the pics when you're done.

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I can't really help you much with this @billyjuliano but welcome to the site!  I love your avatar pic by the way.


Also if you get some pictures of the web.com event share them here.  We would all love to see that.

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thanks for the welcome and inputs... will try to do some work on this course layout and will gladly share the result.


@Ernest Jones, this is an example of what I have done so far... not too pretty but it works ok for now:

This is a short par 4, with the two tee boxes. Along with the lay out, I put a short explanation of the hole and playing strategy. The white line on the right is the ob line. 



the avatar is a pic I took with my son when we played at Doral a couple of years ago... man, is that course tough :-)


.... and we'll be at the web.com this coming weekend. Let's see if I get chance to take some pics.. I'll post them and hopefully get you some "insights" of the match





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