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Golf in 2020

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Just curious what you guys thought about what we might be seeing in 2020 as far as technology goes with the equipment. We already have mega-adjustable drivers, dozens of shaft/head combos for irons, the hybrids and so forth. What can they come up with next to give us the longest club they have ever made? I'm stumped. Faces can only be so thin, drivers so long. I suppose by 2020 my 5 iron will be pushing 250yds and off the rack drivers 400 plus.(If your playing Krank drivers then disregard.)

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Good idea for a thread!

By 2020,probably not much different about the game.

I think the biggest things will be gadgets and apps that do cool things. Training aids that help you improve faster, gadgets that analyze your game better, stuff like that.

The game and the clubs won't change dramatically in 6 years. I actually think the obsession with distance will fade and manufacturers may focus on forgiveness and consistency.

Lessons could change too. As people learn more about the swing and ball flight, and technology let's us do more and more. Maybe we will all have a trackman in our pocket.
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Five ball putters!
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In my opinion fairway woods will almost completely be replaces by hybrids, there may be a driving fairway, possible something like a 2 Wood but 3 woods will be like 5 woods are now. I also see increased advisability even on new clubs.


Manufactures may for a hefty price may sell something like an SLDR but with the option of buying a High launch or low launch model head.


We may also see easier adjusted shafts, something like taylormade shafts that can be removed with screws. Imagine if changing shafts on an iron consisted only of screwing out your old shaft than screwing in the new.

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Here's a link to Golf magazines club test for 2006, kind neat to look back and see what has changed in 6 years while we are talking about what to look forward to in 6 years    http://www.golf.com/equipment/clubtest-2006-drivers?page=2




Here's a link to The Golf Warehouse circa 2004 courtesy of the Wayback Machine  http://web.archive.org/web/20040727080314/http://www.tgw.com/main.jsp

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