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Just got back from the range. It feels a lot more normal today. If it still doesn't feel abnormal at tomorrow's range trip, I'll make and post some video.
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After a few days practicing at home (no full swings; can't), both with setting up in the mirror and cross-arm swinging with my head against the wall, I hit the range (mentioned above). These videos are from my fourth range session since posting the original videos (and getting the feedback).

I didn't move the camera when filming each swing type; no idea why it looks like it moved. I must have done something to a video setting on the camera since the last shots or something. I'll see what I can do to fix it for next time; it looks like it's HD but is skipping frames. If it's unusable, let me know and I'll re-take the videos on my next range trip.

(I think I've framed it better than last time, as per +jamo's suggestion)

What I can see from the video: My feet aren't turned out as much as I think I am doing when I set up. Perhaps this is why I've heard to exaggerate changes when making them? But my head looks much more stable, and my back is in a better position than either were in the first set. I've also noticed the back angle when watching on TV.

Also pictured in some of these: I've taken one of the two people I mentioned in "create a golfer (2014)" to the range.

Down the line:

Caddie View:

Oh, and I got the dates right on the first try this time.
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Well, looking at the most recent videos (below) and the ones from a month ago, I can see the difference. It's really becoming natural, but I do have to remind myself time to time to check my setup. I'm wondering if I can get some other eyes on it: does it look like I'm doing a better job of setting up, and if so, does my head appear to stay more steady?

I do see my head come up a bit on the driver DTL video.

I know I'm over-swinging, at least in the sense of where the club stops. I know I should stop high, akin to the PGA TOUR logo. It isn't uncommon for me to feel the club hit my back at the end of a swing. I'm not sure how this fits into priorities, other than that "Finish like the TOUR logo" isn't one of the five keys.

Either way, just how the ball feels at impact and how my average bad-but-not-terrible shots have been in the 45 holes of golf I've played in the past month, I think I'm improving. In fact, I feel as though my scores in those rounds were largely the result of short game situations I hadn't been in in a year or so, and that when that comes back, the numbers can reflect the improved swing. Last weekend, I almost parred #11 at my home course, a hole I've literally never parred. I settled for a tap-in bogey, which, considering how often in my life I've had to make a longer putt for bogey there, I'm not complaining!

Down the Line:

Caddie View:

Oh, the date on these videos. I took them on Thursday after work, but then didn't upload them that day, and managed to spend the weekend without a computer and, for the most part, without internet access.d2_doh.gif
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You need to spend a good amount of time building a good amount of "structure" at the top of your backswing. Right now everything just collapses into and around your chest.




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Originally Posted by iacas View Post

You need to spend a good amount of time building a good amount of "structure" at the top of your backswing. Right now everything just collapses into and around your chest.

Can you clarify what you mean here? Does it mean a consistent spot at the top, or less back (I see that my backswing goes quite farther than I think it does when I'm swinging)? Or is it related to how the rest of my body is set up when I'm at the top of the backswing?
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I mean that your left arm is smashed against your chest, and the angle between your shoulders and your left arm gets too narrow, and can't ever "expand" quickly enough during the downswing.


Compare to:



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An update from Sunday:

At the TST So Cal outing, Mike ( @mvmac ) helped me with the details of what structure in my backswing is; the immediate change before the round was a change in my grip. My first swing with the new grip was a 3-wood off the deck (at the range; that wasn't my opening shot on #1), which I hit quite well. Prior to two months ago, the 3-wood off the deck was probably the shot that scared me the most, and that I tried to avoid hitting whenever possible. Now it isn't something I fear, and I hit a few good 3-Woods during the round too (I also hit a poor one at one point). And on Friday, I almost hit a long par-5 in two (Encino golf #18) after hitting a good drive, a good 3-Wood, and getting a lucky +60 yard bounce with the 3-wood off a drainage ditch.

After the round, Mike also gave me some drills to practice for non-grip related things that I've been working on at home and at the range. I should have time for video this weekend, and I'll post when I have it. Also planning to (finally) sign up for evolvr when summer "break" (I'm still teaching, but not a full load) starts in two weeks.

(Also doing a bit more work on implementing Hammer's advice)
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Just a quick review. So with the grip change you can create more mobility in the wrists and "hinge" the club more. 


When the grip is palmy, tough to hinge the wrists, so the lack of structure overloads the left arm against the chest.



This makes it hard for the arms to come down enough (in relation to your pivot) and things get "flippy". Resulting in thin shots.


So the grip change will help you get closer to 90* (left arm to shaft measurement) at A3. Then you just keep pivoting and it will look more like the left pic.





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So I've been trying to implement Mike's suggestions (post above this one). At first glance, I don't think I'm pre-setting my hips enough with the driver.

I've also signed up with evolvr finally! I submitted the two normal speed 6-iron videos below (note: my "slow" videos are actually separate swings from the normal speed swings from the same angle/club)

Biggest issue (in my mind) at the moment is the number of random pushes I'm getting -- great shot, just not where I was aiming. Straight, solid contact. Oh well. I still shot a 90 (under my official handicap at the moment, but marginally higher than I think I should be shooting at this point) on Friday without anything worse than a double bogey (and very few of those; plus one birdie and only one par).

It's already interesting to look back at the start of the thread and see the progress I've been making (in addition to the experience of hitting a shot and thinking "well, that's not good, but three months ago, that'd have been considered great!")

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 How to Draw the Golf Ball (or How to Stop Slicing) 

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