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On a 190 yard par 3. Stone cold topping the tee shot, barely over the ladies tee. A second shot 9-iron from 150 yards, and that one was way too long, but spinned a lot back (and downhill) and went in. Never deserved that one, but I'll take it a1_smile.gif
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Par 3, hit it on the hole side of the water. My ball hit the embankment then rolled backwards into the water. although technically in the water but being held up by some cat nine tail  stalks that were floating.  I took out my lob, flipped it upside down, took a slash at it left handed- Im righty, Water and reeds everywhere.......balls goes straight up lands on the green, 1 hope & rolls 3 feet into the cup for Birdie

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A good drive and a poor approach left me 5 yards left of the green with a delicate chip towards a downslope. I skulled the heck out of it and watched as the ball screamed across the green, heading towards the bunker on the other side. On it's way, my ball caromed off the unmarked ball of one of my playing partners, turned 45 degrees to the right and straight into the cup. Wasn't pretty, but I took my 3 and ran!

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I don't have a really good one but here goes:


There's a really tight dogleg right par 4 on my course. I usually end up with about a wedge in, and the green is about 50 yards deep and really narrow. I hit a poor second, I guess it hopped at the fringe instead of brushing to a stop and my ball was sitting in the rough in a really awkward lie. It was on the back of the green with a long way to the hole, on a downhill slope on a tuft of grass hanging near the fringe of the green. It looked like a shot hanging on the back lip of a bunker where you need to hit it over onto the green to me, so I figured I'd play it the same way: screw it, I'm just gonna try to somehow power the leading edge between turf and the ball and hope I either hit the flagstick or move the ball into any other spot on the course where I might have a shot. I figured it would be messy. Clubface was not going to touch ball under any circumstances. Take a big handful of thick juicy rough, cut it with scissors, and tape it to your club, and you'll be close to replicating my lie.


I took my 54 for the extra bounce, since it's not my normal chipping club. I basically had to open it up, lean it way forward and hammer it straight down behind the ball and pray it somehow ended up near the hole. I choked up a bunch and took about a half swing, and barely got anything on the ball. It popped up for about 2 feet of carry, spilled onto the green looking to move a total of 10 feet and I expected to be making a bogey or worse. But it basically rolled really slow for a long time and ended up about 60 feet away from me in the hole. It took a good minute to clean the grape sized wad of grass out of the face though.


I birdied that hole again with the same wedge later, but it was a boring full shot to 6 feet.

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Second shot landed forty feet left of the green.  Hit a sand wedge that bounced off the top of a 1 1/2" square fence post to within a foot of the pin. Sometimes it's better to be

lucky than good!

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I've never gotten a birdie in my life yet :(

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No such thing as a 'worst birdie' in my book.  They're all good!  However, there was a worst birdie for a player in a league night match playing with me.


Here's the scenario.  I'm playing with a guy who had to give me 5 stokes.  One stroke was on the par-3 we were teeing up on.  We tee off straight into the evening setting sun on a perfect summer night.


My partner hits.  Sends one right at the flag stick.  We can't see it land but all agree, 'it's close.'  I hit next.  Send another one right at the stick.  Another one 'close,' but we can't see my ball either.


Opponents turn.  First guy yanks it left and misses green.  Last guy hits a THIRD shot heading right for the pin.  We don't see his ball either.


Upon arriving at the green, we see one ball within 6" of the hole.  Another is about 10' deep of the pin.  That's it.  We figured the third may have rolled off the back of the green because of the back right pin placement.


Me?  I check the hole.  It's a Callaway ball and I'm playing a Callaway ball!  Bad news was so was my competitor and was HIS ball that went in and not mine!  Mine was the kick-in birdie 6" from the hole.  Still no, idea how my ball didn't go in too since it was directly behind the hole on line from tee to hole. 


The 'worst birdie' was for my opponent who had to give me a stroke on the hole.  My kick-in birdie gave me a net 1 and tied his hole-in-one on the score card. Tying his 1 also took away a skin he should have collected.  I also won the match on that hole. 


Since then, we've implemented a new rule:  Hole-in-one = automatic skin plus proximity win on the hole.  That is, if you were the ONLY hole-in-one on that particular hole.  We've had 3 holes-in-one on our league since I've been playing with this group.


Worst biride?  Just ask Timmy who's had the worst birdie.  It would be mine!



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No pictures on the scorecard. I'll take any bird I can get.

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I've chipped in on par 3 holes where I have missed the green, but they are not bad birdies.

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An 8-foot come backer after a 4-foot putt for eagle.

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A few. A notable recent one went something like:


Par 4, about 370 yards.

Massive cut off tee into heavy, but dead, bracken.

Got lucky and amazingly found ball in reasonable lie. Thinned out into bunker right and maybe 30 yards short of green.

Half-thin bunker shot flying way past flag...

... hits flag pennant dead centre, tangles and drops down stick into the hole. :whistle:


I'd like to say I visualised the hole like this but...

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Whenever my best mates Dad visits we play a 3ball for beers and laughs.Played a 9 holer one afternoon over a few beers and the 6th on this course was elevated 125 yd par 3,tee maybe 40 feet above green.Its surrounded by trees and a very picturesque hole.Id had a scrubby hole on the 5th so was last to tee off,both other shots sitting on green,nothing special but good looks at birdie when my effort with PW is carved into the trees on the right to much laughter!!.....whack,bash,tonk in amongst the branches and then it appears......or almost disappears as it takes a few bounces and lips out of holing in one!! cue more laughter as I looked to the sky and then back to my ball teetering on edge of cup........I took my 2 happily and still take the ribbing from both of them to this day that such a poor shot ended up where it did...good times

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Originally Posted by Stretch View Post

An 8-foot come backer after a 4-foot putt for eagle.

Same here. Better than a REALLY BAD par though.


Aside from that, my worst birdie was on a par 4. Decent drive but had too much of a draw and ended up about 2 feet into the rough. Went for the green but missed left, the absolute worst place to miss because the green sloped away from me. I was elevated well above the green with a bunker right in my line, eliminating the option to land the ball short and allow the hillside to carry it onto the green. Then there was another bunker on the low side of the green, so basically I saw no outcome other than hitting my next shot from a bunker. I figured I would rather hit out of the low-side bunker and might have a chance to save bogey that way. From up on the hill I opened up my 60 degree and hit a massive flop. It cleared the bunker nearest me by about 6" and began rolling down the green. I couldn't have hit the shot any better, but it still wasn't going to stop until it ran off the green into the lowside bunker, except the pin got in it's way and it dropped in for birdie... I hit the shot exactly like I wanted to so I guess it wasn't all luck, but it still would have went off the green had it not hit the pin. Should have been hitting my 4th shot from the greenside bunker.

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Here's one but not for birdie. Drivable par 4 310 yards. Sliced my drive and left myself 40 yards right and under trees. I tried to played a low chip and run 7i up onto the green but hit it a little bit to hard and it flew straight in the hole on the fly. It went in that hard it destroyed the hole.


That was my first ever eagle..

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Short uphill par 4 at friend's country club. Real tough course. Ugly sliced 250 yd drive to short rough on right. Had about 175 to the pin, front location. Chunked an uphill 6 iron giving me about 60 yds to the green. 3rd shot with a 56 degree SW dropped on the green about 3 feet short of the pin an trickled in. 2 bad shots an 1 lucky ass chip gets me a birdie.

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Snap hooked a driver on a short par 4, driveable with only my longest drives.  Banked off the corner between the cart path and the curb of the paved cart path maybe 40 yards left of the fairway, rocketed forward and right, rolled up to maybe 15 feet.  Two putt birdie.

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Snap hooked a 7 iron on a 160 yard par 3. The ball hit a wooden peg off the cart path and bounced/rolled about 30 yards to the left, roughly 6-7 feet from the cup.

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