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trouble pitching

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I'm having trouble with shorter pitches (10-40 yards). I've been using my gap wedge. I'm wondering if there is a better club to use for this. I've noticed that when I chip with an eight iron, I have more control. I'm wondering if I should use a less lofted club for pitching. Also, where is ball placement on a pitch?

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For me i used wedges more for pitching this past year, but plan on learning to use the irons this year to expand by available shots. When i was learning pitches and chips i tried and learned several things; try a split grip, try use a sand or lob wedge, make sure your hitting down on the ball.  Most importantly practice pitching, i always practiced while warming up.

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You should be able to do a pitch shot with any iron if you use the correct technique.  Check out this video and thread.


 Quickie Pitching Video - Golf Pitch Shot Technique 


I will practice this with 6 iron to LW.  @mvmac also showed a video of doing a sand shot with a 6 or 3 iron, if I recall.  This is essentially the same technique.

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