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What's your Cigar of choice?

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Topic says it all!

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Originally Posted by Kenny87 View Post

Topic says it all!


My choice is not to smoke a cigar.


I don't mind or care if others do, so long as they're far enough away from me. :)


Did you mean "of choice"? I can change the title.

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Yes i did lol

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I would say it's between three:

Siglo Limited Reserve

Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real

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Torano Master is my go to


When I feel like spending a little more it is the Ashton La Aroma De Cuba.


Honestly, i go to cigar events once a month and pick up a box from whatever company is represented at the event. - this month is Perdomo.

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Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo

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Excalibur Maduro III or lately I have been hooked on Alec Bradely Nica Puro in the Gordo!
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The occasional Montecristo Edmundo, especially on a nice summer's day, hits the spot for me.
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Macanudo petite corona or baron de rothschild

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Partagas Black and Spanish Rosado

Punch Gran Puro


At least for now.

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i like a good Triple Maduro camacho which would be my first choice..  Gurkha and Americano are nice too


but i've had a so many that i cant even name most of them lol....  


my dad usually gets Gurkha's in a wide variety...  And after that gets Americano Cigars, and gets a variety of them..  


my brother has a big stash of cigars in his humidor..


 lol so ya i get to enjoy a nice variety of cigars..   when i go out golfing..  its basically like a ritual with us, that we light up a cigar everytime we all get out golfing together..

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None.  And hopefully, none upwind from me. 

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Good thread, I'll have to try a few that are mentioned.


I enjoy the Macanudo's, not to heavy nor too light, when I have a stogy.


Thanks, Club Rat

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I enjoy the Drew Estates Java. Nothing like a lighter stogy when the weather warms. Tastes great with a little whiskey.
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The one someone is smoking inside their house at least a block from wherever I am.

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La Gloria Cubana R7

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Disgusting habit, but I'm a cigarette smoker 99.9% of the time. However, as "girly" as they seem, my buddy turned me on to Acid Blondies and CAO Moontrance smokes. Those are pretty good and really nice on a Summer day.

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I don't drink or smoke, but I don't mind the smell of cigar smoke. I play with a guy from time to time who does. He is always trying to get me to start. I tell him that maybe when I am 70 I will. :)
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