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Gap wedge question....

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Hi again all,

     I love my Mizuno MP-T10 wedges, in black nickel.. I have my MX200s, 5 - GW, which is 50*. When checking most irons sets on the market, not so much players irons, most GWs are 50*. I assume because my, and their, PW is 46*.  I want to get a MP-T10 to replace my GW. Yet when searching Ebay, I only see 52*. And again, searching most wedges I rarely see a 50*

     Questions, isn't a GW supposed to be between the PW and SW?  Yet my SW is 55*, many are 56*.  But there's now a difference of 5* - 6* up to the SW. Does this really matter?  Will it really make a difference if I get the 52*. Especially since I am not a pro? I am confused.  :hmm:


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They were indeed made in 50 degree loft:


You may need to keep searching. 

As with any wedge, it all depends on what you like and how it performs. There are no hard and fast rules to what loft and spacings you have - YOU are the one who has to make it work around your game - pro or not.

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Loft spacing is just one variable in distance, which is really the only spacing that matters in wedges. For example, my wedge lofts are (starting with PW) 46*, 50*, 56*, and 60*. The distance gap between my PW and GW is actually greater than between GW and SW, but it's because my PW shaft is 1" longer than standard, and I would rather the larger gap be there.


I would try to find a 50*, then have it bent if needed. I wouldn't recommend getting a 52* if you think you need it bent to 50* unless it already has a good amount of bounce. Reducing loft on a wedge (or any club for that matter) also reduces bounce by the same amount. So a 52-08 would be bent to 50-06, which isn't much bounce for a 50*. 

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In my opinion, what really matters is that your DISTANCES are eveny spaced, not necessarily your lofts.


I use Titleist AP1 irons and Callaway Apex irons, both sets with a 50 degree gap wedge. I usually hit these gap wedges 100 yards.


My next wedge is a Cleveland 52 degree wedge for 85 yard shots.


Why do I get a 15 yard difference if the loft difference is only 2 degrees? Because the shafts are different!!!


Both my Titleist and Callaway irons came with a True Temper XP 95 shaft in REGULAR flex. My Cleveland wedge came with a STIFF shaft.


Hope this helps

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