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3 wood dent/mark question

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Today I was Hitting few balls to warm up, and for some random reason I was using a club as an alignment tool to hit my new 3 wood. By accident on one swing I hit the club. I didn't notice any marks until after the round (hit some great 3 wood shots off the tee but did not hit any off the fairway). After my round I noticed a slight fingernail dent right below where the turf hits the sole of the club (almost like a small rock hit it). It's very slight but I wanted to know if anybody would think I would affect performance off the deck? I'll add some pics to clarify . Thanks for anyone's help! [IMG][IMG]
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Another look!
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It's toast, send it to me I might be able to fix it..  J/K



I'm no club expert, but I doubt that will affect the performance of the club. Just consider it a battle scar..:-D



BTW, welcome to TST, there's a ton of great golfing info here.

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Welcome to the site.


I very much doubt that will make any different in performance. More likely it will cause the club to breakdown before it affected performance. Keep an eye on it, if it gets any bigger you might have a problem, otherwise should be fine. 


If it breaks the likely failure mode would be the club feels very very different, or it doesn't go as far. Basically you'll know.

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First of all, welcome to the site!


I highly doubt that small ding will be a concern. Your club is made of steel, a very resilient material that will remain strong through a lot of damage, and the club is designed for impact. If it develops into an actual crack then I'd get it looked at, but it looks like a standard dent.


There's a hybrid in my bag not too different from that club, except it has marks from hitting off rocks and all sorts of crap. There's no paint anywhere near the leading edge, and it has about a million bash marks like an enraged beaver had  a few bites on the sole. Hopefully you can ugly that club up some by hitting some good shots with it, then those marks will be a sign of trust.

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Wow thanks everyone for a the support and quick responses. I am a bit OCD ( like some golfers I'm sure lol) so that helped a lot! I'll hit some off the deck tomorrow to ease my mind lol. Thanks again, you guys are great and I'll be back with more questions!
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