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Getting to know your clubs

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Well I finally bought some new clubs (Idea A12OS Hybrid Irons - 4-6 hybrid/7-GW iron - Reg Flex) to replace my $20 goodwill set of Titleists (Titleist Gold DCI Oversive + 2-8 iron, PW/SW) and I did so in blind faith having never tested these clubs. Probably not the smartest move, and I wish I could have been properly fitted to the newest and best clubs but Im a bargain bin kinda guy and I couldnt pass up this deal... so it's done.


So my question is, How long does it take to get used to a new set of clubs? Assuming I play the same amount (currently 2 times a week plus a 45 minute weekly lesson) is there an "average" time set to get to know your clubs so to speak? Average distance, tends left/right, how high it typically hits, and whether or not a club should be replaced are all things I would love to know! I know everyones going to be different but Im just looking for a generic timeline from some real golfers.


Also, I love my Titleist PW. I can't hit a single other club in the set like I do my PW. So I was also wondering, if I dont like the adams PW would it be considered very odd to throw the old Titleist PW in the bag instead?


And, before you ask - My current average distance is about 130 yds with the 7 iron and +/- approx 15 yards for the 5/6/8/PW. I cant hit the 2-4 irons to save my life but I did hit my 2 iron to around 215 yds the 3 or 4 times I managed to get a decent hit.

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Those clubs are super easy to hit. I suppose you could have serious issues that would prevent it but I saw up close how easy. I took a slow swinging female to look for new clubs after suggesting she shop around because her clubs were not only ancient but ill suited to her game. From the very first swing to the last she hit every club better and further than what she got from her old clubs. I was impressed enough to try the men's version as well as the similar Idea V4. It's the wrong ball flight for me but man those clubs are unreal forgiving.

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One thing you want to check is what the "new square" looks like. Find an area that has square floor tiles. Sole your A12 irons and hybrids, and see where they set when square to alignment.


A couple of years ago I switched from Callaway X20 to X20 Tour irons. The first couple of times I played, I seemed to be missing to the left. I did the square test, and found I was toeing in (slightly closing) the face of the X20 Tours on set-up. The old X20s had quite a bit more offset, so a square alignment with less offset looked strange to my eye.


I just had to see what square looked like with the X20 Tours, and then adjust my set-up.

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