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Coach issue.

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As some of you know I have done some lessons with a right side swing coach. He is a really nice guy and a good coach but I have decided I would rather learn a more conventional swing. My problem is I feel it will be weird or even a bit harsh towards him to leave him for a different coach at the same driving range. This is the only driving range I can get to so for me to do lessons I need to go there. He has done me deals for my lessons making them cheaper because I am a student but as I said I want to learn a conventional swing so I really dont know what to do. I feel it will hurt his feelings if I go to another coach especially because he has helped me so much money wise. I have nothing against him or his coaching style and he is a really nice guy, the only reason im leaving is to learn a different 'normal' swing style...

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I understand your hesitation, but at the end of the day, it's likely just business for him. I would approach him first though because if he just sees you with another pro at the same range, he may think that the other instructor "stole" you, and so it would be professionally courteous to tell him about your intended move before-hand.


Also, if you signed up on a package deal, like normally his lessons are $50 and you got six for $150 or something like that but only took two, then you should consider paying the difference for the lessons that you took as you're not honoring the agreement.


FWIW, my only issue with the RSS is that it doesn't seem to promote much of a pivot - most of the swings I've seen have less pivot ("shoulder turn") than we commonly see among good players. But you could simply ask him about that. I recall you liked working with him, and made good strides. So I hope that if you are leaving him it's for the right reasons and that you've given him a chance to explain.

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